Be a Good Steward of the Earth

Earthworms are everywhere, and they are a fantastic study for kids. Grab some worms (real and gummy!) and get started with our free earthworms worksheets.

April 22nd is Earth Day. Encourage your kids to learn more about caring for the planet with this Earth Day word scramble set. Benefits of

Is dirt important? How is it made? What can you find in the dirt? Answer these questions and more as your student works through our

Celebrate the beautiful world we live in with this fun and educational Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for kids. This printable activity is perfect for the

Trees are a fantastic topic for nature study ANY time of year. Grab your kids, head to the great outdoors, and learn all about trees

The Lorax is a fantastic book for teaching your children about being good stewards of the earth and its resources, and it is perfect for

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Are you getting ready to zoom into the solar system with a space theme unit? Grab some of these outer space activities for preschool (that

Kids love animals, and farm animals are a great springboard into a variety of science lessons. Snag some of these farm animal activities to keep

Learn all about an amazing flying mammal with our set of free bat worksheets. What’s Included in the Set of Bat Worksheets? You’ll find a

Are you looking for a quick and easy Easter activity for your kids? Try a free, printable Easter word scramble. If you are looking for

Boost fine motor and pre-writing skills with this free set of construction themed tracing worksheets. What Are the Benefits of Tracing for Preschoolers? Tracing lines

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