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Sneak in some physical activity and boost brain power at the same time with our printable exercise cards for kids.

Why Do Your Students Need Brain Breaks?

Do your students need movement breaks? Yes!

You can use the movement cards to break up the school day. After a student works for a certain amount of time or completes a subject, let him draw a card and get moving! Taking breaks to move can help wiggly students calm down and focus for the next task.

Physical activity is important for developing the body, but it also helps your student’s brain grow. Exercise can help the brain’s nerve cells multiply–which creates MORE connection for learning.

Exercise Cards for Kids Index

We have several sets of movement cards that you can choose from. You can grab a big bundle in the shop, or you can snag some of our freebies through the links below.

ABC Exercise Cards

Review the alphabet as you flex your muscles, dance, touch your toes, and run in a zigzag. This free set of 26 ABC exercise cards is a great way to move, have fun, and get focused for the next educational activity.

Animal Alphabet Exercise Cards

This set of 26 alphabet exercise cards includes one animal action for each letter of the alphabet. Get in a classroom workout as you stand like flamingoes and run (in place) like cheetahs.

Bug Movement Cards

Move like a bug with this fun set of exercise cards. Your students will have a blast as they “twirl like ladybugs” and “wait like cocoons.” This set is perfect to add on to your insect unit.

Christmas Exercise Cards

Looking to add some holiday fun to your days? Try this free set of Christmas exercise cards for kids.

Circus Movement Cards

Let your imaginations run wild as you act out the actions on these free circus exercise cards. Your students will get to “pop like popcorn” and “shoot like cannons!”

Exercise Flashcards for Kids

This simple set of exercise flashcards includes traditional exercises: jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, toe touches, etc. Help your students boost strength, flexibility, and focus with this free set.

Farm Animal Movement Cards

If you’re up for a noisy barnyard (classroom) full of farm animals, try a brain break with these free farm animal movement cards. You can bounce like chicks and gallop like horses to get the wiggles out and get ready for your next task.

Make the Alphabet Exercise Cards

This set of alphabet movement cards is great for groups. Children will partner up to form the letters of the alphabet with their bodies. So much fun!

Nature Alphabet Exercise Cards

This set of 26 ABC exercise cards gives your student a variety of tasks to complete–all with a nature theme. You can use your imagination and a little drama to “Melt like Ice” or “Fall like a Leaf.”

Ocean Animal Movement Cards

Grab this free set of ocean animal movement cards and enjoy a brain break while you “hunt like sharks” and “hide like clownfish.” This set is a great addition to an ocean themed unit.

Pirate Exercise Cards

Arrgg! If you are planning a pirate theme, or if you just want some fresh movement ideas, try these free pirate exercise cards.

Transportation Exercise Cards

Your students will love working out their gross motor muscles with this free set of transportation exercise cards. You’ll have fun racing like cars and rushing like trains!

How to Prepare the Exercise Cards for Kids

The movement cards for kids are super simple to use.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Print the cards on cardstock.
  3. If desired, laminate for durability.
  4. Cut out the cards.

You can use the cards in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:

Put them in a jar. When your student gets the wiggles, let her choose one and act out the card together.

Hide the cards around the house. When your student needs a break from schoolwork, go on a hunt for a card. Find one (or two or three!) and act out the exercises together.

Happy Exercising!