Learn from the Garden!

Is dirt important? How is it made? What can you find in the dirt? Answer these questions and more as your student works through our

Are you building a garden theme for preschool or kindergarten? Our printable garden activities are hands-on, play based, and will engage your little learners. We

The garden is full of amazing sights and sounds for any child. Send your student for a stroll through the garden with this fun Garden

This unit study includes lessons and printables based on the book The Trellis and the Seed by Jan Karon. When the little seed becomes discouraged

Learn ALL about plants (flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, and more!) with our free Botany Lapbook. Thanks to Debbie Palmer for creating this Botany Lapbook. All

This unit study includes lessons and activities based on the book The Gardener by Sarah Stewart. Lydia Grace Finch brings a suitcase full of seeds

What’s New?

Grab these free Owl Cutting Practice Worksheets and help your student develop scissor skills. These owl cutting pages are perfect to build your forest theme

Introduce or review shapes with this set of free paint shapes tracing worksheets. If you would like to browse all of our shape tracing pages,

Are you planning a pet theme or lesson plan for your preschool students? Add some extra fun and include these free Dog Color Matching Worksheets.

This free set of Farm Counting Clip Cards provide a fantastic hands-on counting activity for your students. What’s Included in the Farm Counting Clip Set?

Have fun on the farm with these Farm Tracing Lines Worksheets. Your preschool student will love helping the farmers and the farm animals complete tasks.

Explore nature and have fun in the sun with this free summer scavenger hunt for kids. Your kids will love scouring a local park or

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