Have Fun in Fall!

Are you looking for an exciting way to add nature study to your day? Try our fall scavenger hunt printable. Your students will love it!

Falling leaves, scampering squirrels, and harvest--learn all about the fall season with our Fall Lapbook! How to Complete Research for the Fall Lapbook You will

The tree is bare, but it's fall and it should have some beautiful fall leaves. Your student can help add leaves to the tree with

The lonely scarecrow is standing tall in the pumpkin patch, but the patch is bare! Your student can help add pumpkins to the patch with

Pumpkins, leaves, and spooky things—that’s what I think of when I think of October. Grab some of these fresh October Lapbook Ideas, and enjoy a

Do you want to boost the math learning in your home or classroom? Grab this set of Fall Roll and Cover Games to help your

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If you are looking for a free printable activity to keep the kids happy before the big meal, try this fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt! If

Add this simple Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt to your nature study and help your kids learn more about the wonderful world of winter! The entire

Create a delicious play center where your students can learn math and literacy with our Candy Store Dramatic Play Printables. Sign up for the free

Students roar for dinosaurs--such a fun topic to explore. Snag our free Dinosaur Dramatic Play Printables and help your students learn all about these giant

Bats and broomsticks and black cats--oh my! It's time for Halloween. Snag this free printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids and have fun looking for

Practice reading and math through creative play with our free Pet Shop Dramatic Play Printables. Benefits of Pretend Play Why should you encourage pet shop

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