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Do you need a quick and easy activity to keep your students busy, happy, and learning? Try one of our word puzzles for kids.

We have tons of word search sets and most of them come with two options, easy and advanced, so you can find the right puzzles for your students.

Benefits of Word Search Puzzles

Are word puzzles good for your brain? You bet!

  • Word searches help new readers learn to recognize sight words and to sound out phonetic words.
  • Word puzzles boost spelling skills.
  • Word searches develop pattern recognition as well as word recognition.
  • Word games are fun and provide students with an engaging puzzle to solve.

We have a variety of word searches and word scrambles for your student. Browse the lists below to find one he would like.

Animal Word Searches

Do you have an animal lover or a budding zoologist at your house? Try one of these animal word search printables.

Holiday Word Searches

Are you looking for a simple way to celebrate a holiday? Try one of these holiday word searches:

Science Word Searches

A word search is a great way to kick off a science themed adventure for your students. Try one of these science themed word puzzles for kids:

Themed Word Searches

In addition to our popular animal word searches and holiday word searches, we also have other themes. Check out the list below.

Word Scrambles for Kids

If you are hoping for something other than a word find, check out our word scrambles.

More Word Puzzles for Kids

If you have a topic or theme you’d like to see added to this page, send an email and let us know!