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Need to keep the kids busy for a bit on Independence Day? Give them something fun and education with this free 4th of July Word Scramble set.

Benefits of Word Games

Is a word scramble just busy work? No way! A word scramble can benefit your student in a variety of ways.

  • Your student will bend her brain to think of words related to the word scramble topic.
  • Your student will use spelling skills (and possibly dictionary skills, too) to unscramble the words.
  • If you put your students in groups, they can work cooperatively to determine each word.
  • Word games can introduce new vocabulary words or review words that students may not use frequently.
  • Word scrambles can help your student make connections between the words and the subject of the puzzles.
  • Puzzles and games break up the monotony of regular book work. Word scrambles are a fun way to enjoy a holiday like Fourth of July.

What’s Included in the 4th of July Word Scramble Pack?

The printable pack includes four different word scrambles with a variety of July 4th themes. Each option has a color version as well as a black and white version.

  • U.S.A. Symbols Word Scramble
    This scramble includes various symbols associated with the United States of America. Your student will unscramble words such as Liberty Bell, apple pie, and bald eagle. Learn more about the symbols from this website.
  • Picnic Fun Word Scramble
    This scramble includes ten words related to 4th of July picnics: watermelon, hamburger, and even S’mores.
  • Celebrate July 4th Word Scramble
    What do we do on July 4th? What do we see and hear? The words on this scramble are all related to the fun we have as we celebrate Independence Day.
  • United States History Word Scramble
    Why do we celebrate this holiday? The ten words included on this scramble are all related to the history of the United States colonies gaining independence from the British.

Answer keys are included in the printable pack.

How to Use the Free Printable 4th of July Word Scrambles

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  2. Wait for the the next email with the download button.
  3. Download the Fourth of July puzzles.
  4. Choose which word scrambles to print. You can print in full color or black and white (to save on ink).
  5. Demonstrate how to unscramble the words.
  6. Encourage your student to have fun with these games.
  7. If desired, discuss how the words relate to why and how we celebrate this holiday.

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