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Pumpkins, leaves, and spooky things—that’s what I think of when I think of October. Grab some of these fresh October Lapbook Ideas, and enjoy a month of learning and lapbooks.

If you are looking for more possibilities, try our Lapbook Ideas page.

Forest Animal Lapbook Ideas

Into the woods and off we go for a great learning adventure. These forest animal lapbooks will help your student create an amazing learning portfolio.

Owl Babies Lapbook

Your youngest student may want to try this Owl Babies Lapbook. It includes simple math activities, songs to learn, and simple owl science to help your student learn all about these nocturnal birds.

Chipmunk Lapbook

Is there anything cuter than a chipmunk scampering through the forest? Grab the Chipmunk Lapbook to learn interesting and fun facts about this small rodent.

Deer Lapbook

Download the free Deer Lapbook and learn the diet, anatomy, and habitat of this graceful animal. The eleven mini-books in this simple lapbook will help your student understand food chains, camouflage, predators, and more. If you want to learn even more about the deer, read The Yearling and try this corresponding lapbook.

Foxes Lapbook

Foxes are hard to find in the wild; they are quiet, sneaky, sleek creatures. But you don’t have to spot a fox to learn about them. Check out our free Fox Lapbook and add more learning to your forest animals unit study. If you’d like a literature connection for this lapbook, you could add in more learning with our Flossie and the Fox Lapbook.

Racoon Lapbook

Have you ever seen a raccoon shimmy up a tree? Or has one ever stolen from your camp cooler? These animals are smart. Your student can learn all about raccoons with our free Racoon Lapbook.

Squirrel Lapbook

I love squirrels! You can head to the park or go out on a hike and watch these busy creatures. After your observations, snag our free Squirrel Lapbook and enjoy a hands-on learning adventure.

Leaves and Trees Lapbook Ideas

We can’t forget about the plants in the forest! Fall is a wonderful time to learn about leaves and trees. Check out these pages for some great lapbook ideas.

Leaves Lapbook

Do you live in an area with deciduous trees? Fall is an amazing time of year for those of us who do. Learn more about leaves and their changing colors with our Leaves Lapbook; it’s full of October lapbook ideas.

Trees Lapbook

Another fall learning opportunity is trees! Your older student can have an in-depth learning adventure with this Trees Lapbook and study. The lapbook includes gobs of mini-books for these topics: seeds, types of trees, parts of a trunk, all about roots, uses for trees, and more. You can combine the Leaves Lapbook with the Trees Lapbook for a giant October unit study.

Spooky Lapbook Ideas

Okay, so maybe these lapbooks aren’t all that spooky, but spiders, bats, and wolves might be scary for some.

Your kids will love learning about these creepy creatures throughout the month of October. You could even create a Creepy Creatures Lapbook by picking and choosing from the various lapbooks below.

Nocturnal Animals Lapbook

What’s that noise in the night? What’s that flying in the sky? Night animals can be a little bit creepy. But some kids like creepy. You can delight your student with our Nocturnal Animals Lapbook and learn all about bats, owls, and other animals who are active at night.

Stellaluna Lapbook

If you want to focus more on bats, or if you just want to snag a few more mini-books about bats, try our Stellaluna Lapbook.

Wolves Lapbook

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I’d dare say most people! Learn all about the gray wolf with our Wolves Lapbook. This in-depth study will keep your student busy for a bit!

More October Lapbook Ideas

October is a great time to learn more about pumpkins. You can grab a pumpkin facts mini-books for your lapbook in our Cinderella Lapbook.

A lesser known October day is Reptile Awareness Day (October 21st). You could go wild with these Reptile Lapbook Ideas:

Happy October and Happy Lapbooking!