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Children are fascinated with these ginormous creatures that lived long ago. What did they eat? Where did they live? What happened to them? Let your student discover various possibilities with our free Dinosaurs Lapbook study.

Note: This is a creation based dinosaur study. If you do not share this worldview, there are still some pieces you can use for your own dinosaur study such as graphing sizes, the world map, and the dinosaur report forms.

Dinosaurs Lapbook Lessons

Here are some sample lessons from the Dinosaurs Lapbook:

Geography: Dinosaur World Map
Where have dinosaur bones been found? All over the world! Review the seven continents on your map and/or globe. The World Map mini-book will help your student learn about a small sampling of dinosaurs and where their fossils have been found.

Science: Animal Classification
The book mentions that the word dinosaur means “terrible lizard.”
Discuss lizards with your student. If your student has already done some work in animal classification, discuss reptiles in detail since dinosaurs fit in this classification. Reptile characteristics include:

  • cold-blooded
  • most reptile species are oviparous (lay eggs)
  • thick-skinned with scales or modified scales
  • breathe air

Bible: Behemoth
Read Job 40:15-24 together. Help your student think of the descriptions of the Behemoth (or write them down as you encounter them in your reading). Read over your list and think of what an amazing creature this must have been!

Art: Dino-rama (Dinosaur Diorama)
Let your student create a dinorama!  Make a dinosaur scene using a shoe box and various craft materials you have around the house. Material Ideas:

  • Shoe Box
  • Construction Paper
  • Patterns of dinosaurs (or dinosaur stickers)
  • Play-doh or clay
  • Twigs (for trees)
  • Glue, Tape
  • Markers, Crayons, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil (for water)
  • Small Rocks or Sand
  • Glitter (for lava if your student wants to make a volcano)
  • Pipe Cleaners

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Dinosaurs Lapbook Printables

In addition to the research lessons, the file includes these mini-books for your student to create a Dinosaurs Lapbook:

  • Dinosaur Diets (Before and After the Fall) Flap Book
  • Paleontologist Matchbook
  • Dinosaur Matchbook
  • Favorite Fact Matchbook
  • Extinction Matchbook
  • Reptiles T-book
  • What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Wheel (includes various possibilities)
  • Dinosaur Sizes Graph Simple Fold Book
  • The Days of Creation Flap Book
  • Behemoth Mini-book
  • Dinosaur World Map Tab Book
  • Different Dinosaurs Cards & Pocket

Please note: The lessons refer to Dinosaur Coloring Pages and Dinosaur Report Forms. You can find those here:

Dinosaur Books Needed for This Unit Study

This study was written to be used with these books:

If you cannot find these books, try to substitute with whatever you can find.

Lapbook Example

You can use as many or as few of the mini-books as you like. Here is a Dinosaurs Lapbook example using one file folder and one extension (a piece of cardstock taped to the middle section).

Dinosaur Lapbook Sample
Dinosaur Lapbook with Center Extension Lifted

How to Get Started with Your Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Dinosaurs Lapbook.

  1. If you want, go to your local library and check out additional books about dinosaurs.
  2. Print the Dinosaurs Lapbook.
  3. Prepare the mini-books you want to use with your student.
  4. Enjoy a week of reading and learning all about dinosaurs!

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