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Are you building a frog theme for your early learners? Try some of these frog activities for preschoolers to get them hopping about learning!

Frog Themed Printable Set

This set of frog activities includes a variety of printables in one download. You can pick and choose from games and hands-on activities.

Frog Themed Activities to Boost Fine Motor Skills

Tracing Lines Worksheets

Practice pre-writing skills with these free printable tracing lines worksheets. This set comes in a color version as well as a black and white version. Each page includes motivators to help the student complete the tracing.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets

You can combine fine motor skills with math with this set of tracing shapes worksheets. Ten different shapes are included, and you can use the mats with different manipulatives (such as playdough or Wikki Stix) for variety.

Simple Frog Craft

You’ll find a cute frog craft for students to color, cut, and paste in our set of Pond Animal Crafts.

Frog Color Word Playdough Mats

An advanced student can use these playdough mats to build color words.

Frog Themed Math Activities

Frog Themed Count and Clip Cards

Your student will love practicing counting with this set of printable count and clip cards.

Frog Shape Mazes

Learn to recognize shapes while practicing fine motor skills with this set of frog themed shape mazes.

Frog Pond Roll and Cover Math Games

Roll the dice, count, add, and subtract with our frog themed roll and cover games.

Frog Patterns Activity

Your student can color, cut, and paste the images to complete the frog themed patterns on these worksheets.

Frog Themed Literacy Activities

In addition to the activities below, you’ll find other literacy activities in the frog themed pack mentioned at the top of this page. It includes: a word find, sorting words that rhyme (and don’t rhyme), and a small book to make.

Frog Words Spelling Activity

An advanced preschool or kindergarten student can build words with this Frog Pond Spelling Activity.

Frog Books for Early Learners

Read frog themed books to your students to promote early literacy skills.

Frog Themed Science Activities

Frog Life Cycle Playdough Mats

You can teach your student the four stages of a frog’s life (egg, tadpole, froglet, and frog) with this playdough mat.

Pond Scavenger Hunt

Head to the pond with this scavenger hunt to teach your student observation skills in a pond habitat.