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Turn playtime with playdough into an fun science exploration with these Frog Life Cycle Playdough Mats.

Benefits of Playing with the Frog Playdough Printables

When we think of playdough play, we know that all the squishing, twisting, and turning boosts fine motor skills, but playing with playdough also develops creativity, problem-solving skills, and language.

Playdough play encourages creativity and imagination. The playdough images on the frog cycle playdough mats are black and white. This causes the student to imagine what colors of playdough to use. Students can also use playdough to add details to the mats such as flowers or fruit on the tree.

Children can try different approaches to completing the tasks without breaking anything—because it’s just dough! This encourages problem-solving skills.

The life cycle of a frog playdough activities will also encourage language and literacy. Students will review or learn some new vocabulary words such as egg, tadpole, and froglet.

Creating with playdough is also wonderful for children because it gives them a sense of pride when they complete a task.

What’s Included in the Frog Life Cycle Playdough Mats?

This file includes two playdough mats and a set of four playdough cards.

The first mat is for beginning readers who are learning alphabet sounds: T is for Tadpole.

The second playdough mat and the cards can be used to teach your student about the life cycle of a frog.

After the student learns the life cycle, cut apart the cards and let your student sequence them before creating the frog’s life cycle.

How to Get Started with the Frog Life Cycle Playdough Mats

1. Laminate the playdough mats or put each one in a dry erase pocket or page protector.

2. Give your student playdough and let her complete the activities (right on the mats!).

3. Print the playdough cards and cut apart the cards. Let your student put them in order (egg, tadpole, froglet, and frog) and use space on a desk or table to create the objects on the cards.

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