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Wearable Human Body Project  con

Wearable Human Body Project
instructions and photos contributed by Shannon Cook


Supplies Needed

* brown paper bag
* 3 sandwich baggies
* paper towel tube
* flexible straws
* glue
* tape
* yarn
* dry manicotti noodles (and rigatoni noodles, if desired)
* construction paper heart
* labels for each body part, if desired


1) Cut arm holes and a neck hole into the paper bag. This will be the wearable "body."

2) Cut out a construction paper heart and glue it into position onto the body.

3) Label the paper towel tube "esophagus" and thoroughly tape a plastic baggie onto the bottom of the tube. Label the baggie "stomach." Glue the "esophagus" down the center front of the "body." Once the body is worn, have the child "drop" a piece of candy from the mouth, into the esophagus, and watch it fall into the stomach.

4) Take 2 flexible straws and thoroughly tape baggies to the ends of the straws. Tape/Glue the baggies to the chest area of each side of the body -- they will be the lungs. Once the body is worn, the child can blow into the straws and see how the lungs inflate and deflate.

5) Under the stomach, glue lots of yarn to show the intestines. You could make a "glob" of yard at one point on the right side to show the appendix.

6) On the back, glue the dry manicotti noodles to show the vertebrae of the spine. You can do one vertically and one horizontally to show the vertebrate and the disc in between.  I used manicotti noodles for the vertebrate and rigatoni noodles for the disc.