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The ocean is a vast, amazing place! Create a deep sea learning adventure and start with these printable jellyfish worksheets.

What’s Included in the Set of Jellyfish Worksheets?

You’ll find a variety of activity pages in this set of jellyfish printables.

Jellyfish Anatomy Diagram
Use this page to explain basic jellyfish anatomy to your student.

Label the Jellyfish Worksheet
Your student can complete the jellyfish diagram.

Jellyfish Life Cycle Diagram
Use this page to introduce your student to the life cycle of a jellyfish.

Life Cycle of a Jellyfish Activity Page
Your student can use the words from the word bank to complete the jellyfish life cycle.

Jellyfish New Words Worksheet
As your student encounters new words throughout the study and research, record them on the page. Look up the words and add definitions.

Jellyfish Research Page
Let your student choose one type of jellyfish to research. Complete the page. A few species suggestions:

  • Box Jellyfish
  • Pink Comb Jelly
  • Cauliflower Jellyfish
  • Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
  • Portuguese Man-of-War
  • Flower Hat Jellyfish

Jellyfish Word Search
Review new vocabulary words and complete the word search. Can your student connect each word to jellyfish? What is an invertebrate? (an animal without a backbone) What is a smack? (a group of jellyfish)

Feed the Jellyfish
Learn about a jellyfish’s diet and complete this activity page.

Jellyfish Maze
This fun page is great for hand and eye coordination and having fun.

Jellyfish Coloring Pages
Just for fun, this set of worksheets also includes a few jellyfish coloring pages.

Jellyfish Facts and Research

Your student will need to research in order to complete the notebook pages. You can check out a variety of books about jellyfish at your local library, or you can use reliable websites.

Here are a few recommended websites for your research:

How to Get Started with the Jellyfish Activity Pages

These printable activity pages are easy to use.

  1. Print the pages you think will interest your student.
  2. Grab some books from the library or show your student how to use reliable websites for research.
  3. Let your student complete the pages.
  4. Three-hole punch the pages and add them to a folder or binder to create a Jellyfish Notebook, a portfolio your student will be proud to display and show off!

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Learn More About Jellyfish

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