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Free Periodic Table Lapbook

Periodic Table Lapbook
Created by Debbie Palmer; Photos and Cover 2 contributed by Heather L.

Minit Book Templates

Transition Metals
Boxes on Periodic Table
Alkaline Earths
Main Group Metals
Noble Gases
Alkali Metals
Cover Page
**Before you start** Periodic Tables for Shading Cover Page 2

Instructions to Teacher

You will need to have the book Fizz, Bubble, & Flash by Anita Brandolini.  This book contains all the information your student will need to complete the lapbook.  To get the most out of the book, it would be best to read through it and do some of the experiments then do the lapbook as a final activity.  This could be a long unit (up to a semester in length) depending on how fast you move through the book.  This unit is best suited for kids that are 9 and up.



Minit Book Instructions


What Information Does Each Box Give?  In the small books your child will need to write what the information in red means when looking at a periodic table.  Have your child look at page 8 in Fizz, Bubble, & Flash for the answers.

Answers: 6-Atomic number; C-Element Symbol; Carbon-Element Name; 12.01- Atomic Mass Units


Alkali Metals

Pages 12-21 for answers (depends on which elements your child picked).

On the first clipboard have your child list the three elements that he picked.  The other clipboards are for each element and their information.


Alkaline Earths

Pages 22-30

The tabs should have the name of each element. 


Main-Group Metals

Pages 31-40

Under three of your flaps write the information for each element. On the flap you can write the name.  For under the fourth flap your child can put the little shaded periodic table.



Pages 41-52

Have your student place the information for each element on the three areas of the circle.



Pages 53-68

Take three index cards and write the element information on them.  Make the pocket to put them in.



Pages 69-77

Layered book.  Element name goes at the bottom of each page.


Noble Gases

Pages 78-82

Your child could use the extra area in this minit book to put the shaded table (you may have to reduce the size of the table to get it to fit). 


Transition Metals

Pages 83-101

Another layered book.  Put element name on bottom of each page.



Pages 102-116

Flaps have element name and the information goes under them.



Pages 117-121

Use strips for the information.  Attach a brad.


Shaded Periodic Tables

When your child is done writing all his/her information, have him shade the tables for each family of elements.  To see how each should be shaded go to the first page for each family in the book.  The examples are at the top of the page.  When assembling the lapbook, these tables should go in the minit books (if there is space) or beside them.