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If you are looking for free lapbook templates, you just found them!

This page includes a variety of pockets and cards to use for your student’s next lapbook project.

Pocket Lapbook Templates

Pockets are handy for storing all kinds of cards: animal classification cards, vocabulary cards, spelling word cards, words to read cards, and any other kind of cards you can think of.

Pro Tip: Sometimes cards can fall out of your student’s lapbook. Use a paperclip to help secure them together.

Standard Pocket Templates

Small Pockets Template

This file includes two small pocket templates for your student’s lapbook. These resemble library pockets; they can be used for anything, and, since there are two, they are perfect for sorting activities.

Simply click on the image to grab your small pocket templates.

Large Pocket Template

The large pockets are perfect for 4×6 index cards.

They are also great for storing book report forms, notebooking pages, biography forms, and your student’s original stories. Simply fold up the full page and slip it in the pocket.

Simply click on the image to grab your large pocket template.

Unique Pocket Templates

These additional pocket templates include some unique designs and will add some jazz to your student’s lapbook or notebook.

Folder Pocket Template

The folder pocket template comes with a set of cards, but it is also great for 3×5 index cards.

Simply click on the image to grab your folder pocket template.

Small Side Pocket Template

This template adds interest to a lapbook or notebook. The template comes with a set of cards, and the small side pocket snugly hold cards.

Simply click on the image to grab your small side pocket template.

Large Side Pocket Template

If the small pocket is too small for your lapbook needs, try this large side pocket. It also comes with a template for cards to fit the pocket.

Simply click on the image to grab your large side pocket template.

Shirt Pocket Template

This shirt pocket template is my favorite. I had a ton of fun designing it, and I just love how it looks like a real pocket. Even with all of the details on this pocket, there is still room for your student to write a title.

Simply click on the image to grab your shirt pocket template.

More Lapbook Templates

You can browse the Lapbook Template main page to find even more options for your lapbook.

You can also snag a set of free Bonus Templates when you use the form below to subscribe Homeschool Share’s newsletter.

Basic Lapbook Template Bundle

All of our free lapbook templates have been bundled into one convenient pdf. If you’d like to snag this bundle, head to the shop or use the buy button below.

Editable Lapbook Templates

If you are looking for lapbook templates that allow you to add your own fonts and images, and if you have PowerPoint, try this set of editable templates.

Read more and see these templates in action here.