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Matchbooks are my favorite. They are easy to cut out and fold, but opening and closing the little book is so much fun!

Standard Matchbook Templates

This standard size matchbook can be used for anything. Your student can write a title and draw a graphic on the cover and fill the inside with information. They print two to a page.

Simply click on the image to grab your standard matchbook template.

Medium Matchbook Templates

These matchbooks print three to a page. Sometimes, it’s nice to have something that isn’t quite as large as the regular sized matchbooks.

Simply click on the image to grab your medium matchbook template.

Small Matchbook Templates

Older students can write smaller and can use these matchbooks for just about anything. They print four to one page.

These are great to use when you have several related pieces of information, but you want to give each piece its own mini-book. Examples: characters in a story, pond animals, healthy foods, etc. Each item in the group would get a small matchbook.

Four of these will fit nicely on one of the sides of your lapbook.

Simply click on the image to grab your small matchbook template.

Skinny Matchbook Templates

These super skinny matchbooks are fun to add an interesting look to your lapbook. We’ve used these vertically as well as horizontally.

Simply click on the image to grab your skinny matchbook template.

Compare and Contrast Matchbook Template

This jumbo-sized matchbook can be used to compare and contrast two different topics, similar to a Venn Diagram, but easier to use.

Simply click on the image to grab your compare and contrast matchbook template.