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Lapbook Templates

When my students were in elementary school, we used lapbooks to spur on interest-led learning. We’d go to the library, check out a stack of books about whatever my boys were interested in, and then we’d head home to read the books and make a lapbook.

Some of the pre-made lapbooks at Homeschool Share are a result of my boys’ interest-led learning. But not every topic they wanted to study was made into a pre-made lapbook. Sometimes, we’d just take templates and do our own thing. My oldest son would know exactly which mini-books he wanted in his lapbook, and I’d print templates for him, so he could be in charge of the project.

If you would like to make your own lapbook, we have a few options for lapbook templates for you.

Basic Lapbook Templates

Homeschool Share has several pages of basic lapbook templates. I consider this group to be straightforward and easier to use than some of the other mini-book folds.

The Basic Lapbook Templates are found on these pages:

Bonus Lapbook Templates

In addition to the mini-books we offer for free download, we also have a special set of Bonus Lapbook Templates for subscribers only. Some of these options are a little more advanced than the basic lapbook templates we offer here on site at Homeschool Share.

The set of Bonus Lapbook Templates includes the following mini-books:

  • Jumbo Matchbook
  • Rounded Matchbooks
  • Small Wheel Book
  • Envelope Book
  • Venn Diagram Flap Book
  • T-book with Four Spaces
  • T-book with Five Spaces
  • Pocket Book
  • Four Tab Book (2 tabs at the top, 2 tabs at the bottom)
  • Six Tab Book (6 tabs on the side)
  • Concept Map with Two Areas
  • Concept Map with Three Areas
  • Large 3/4 Book
  • Small 3/4 Book
  • Flag Fan Book
  • Keys Fan Book
  • Rounded Simple Fold Books
  • Sun Shapes Book
  • Heart Shapes Book
  • Book Shapes Book (two options)
  • Ticket Accordion Book
  • Accordion in My Pocket Book
  • Shutterfold Book
  • House Shape Shutterfold Book
  • Shutterflap Books
  • Folded Shutterfold Book
  • Shuttertied Book
  • Bound Book

Get Your Free Set of Bonus Lapbook Templates

Editable Lapbook Templates

The third lapbook template set we offer is editable lapbook templates.

Most of the templates at Homeschool Share will need printed and then your student can write and draw on them.

However, we have an extra special set of editable lapbook templates, too.

If you have PowerPoint, you can add your own text (hello to all the fonts you love!) and you can add your own images (again, yay for cute clip-art!).

This set boasts over 100 customizable templates! You can check out the Editable Lapbook Templates in the Tip-Top Printables Shop.