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Grab our Elections Lapbook and learn all about voting, political parties, and running for office.

Thanks to Jodi Small and Luanne Angelo for preparing this Elections Lapbook.

Elections Lapbook Lessons

This lapbook includes information for:

  • The Electoral College
  • The President’s Cabinet
  • How Laws Are Made
  • Qualifications to Run for Senator, U.S. Representative, and President

Other topics will have to be researched in order to complete the mini-books.

Free Elections Printables

The Elections Lapbook has a variety of printables for your student. Some pertain only to presidential elections while others apply to any election.

  • Electoral College Flap Book
  • 270 to Win! Mini-book
  • Vocabulary Flap Book
  • The President’s Cabinet File Folders and Pocket
  • Old Ways to Vote T-book
  • If I Were President Mini-book
  • How United States Laws Are Made Mini-book
  • Follow the Party Line Layer Book
  • Two Types of Elections (Primary Elections and General Elections) Tab Book
  • Political Party Mascots Matchbooks
  • Voter’s Registration Card and Pocketbook
  • Qualifications to Run for Office Side by Side Book
  • Why Is It Important to Vote? File Folder
  • When Is Election Day? Matchbook
  • Is Election Day a Holiday? Matchbook
  • Democrat vs. Republican Compare and Contrast Book
  • How to Run a Campaign Pocket
  • Vote Flap Book

Elections Book List

Here are some books we recommend for you as you learn more about voting and elections; we’ve added a variety to the list. Some will simply spark interest in the topic while others will help you complete the research for the lapbook.

How to Get Started with the Free Elections Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the lapbook:

  1. Check out some books from your local library and read them together.
  2. Choose and print the lapbook printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy learning all about voting and the election process. As your student learns new concepts, create the lapbook.
  4. Your student will be proud of the finished product!

Download Your Free Elections Lapbook

Simply click on the image below to grab the free Elections Lapbook.

Elections Lapbook

More Election Printables

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