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Lots of our lapbooks and unit studies at Homeschool Share include animal classification elements. Even some of our preschool resources teach your student the basics of classifying animals.

However, having one Animal Classification Lapbook that included a thorough introduction and solid foundation seemed like a fantastic idea, and it was.

A huge thanks to Tristan Rowlee for preparing the original animal classification lapbook for Homeschool Share.

Animal Classification Lapbook Lessons

This lapbook is different than our other animal studies. It doesn’t include pages of lessons. Instead, the answers are simple and found within the lapbook templates.

We do encourage you to grab animal classification books from your local library.

We suggest that you use the topics in the following order:

  1. Learning the divisions of taxonomy.
  2. Learning the terms vertebrate and invertebrate.
  3. Learning the five classes of vertebrates: birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  4. Learning the four main classes of invertebrates included in the animal classification lapbook: annelid, mollusk, arthropod, and echinoderm.

Animal Classification Lapbook Printables

  • Classifying Living Things Simple Fold Book
    learn the divisions of taxonomy
  • Invertebrate or Vertebrate Flap Book
  • Five Classes of Vertebrates Flap Book
  • Amphibian Characteristics Layer Book
    The characteristics are provided on the layer book pages.
  • Mammal Characteristics Shutterfold Book
  • Bird Characteristics Oval Book
  • Reptile Characteristics T-book
  • Fish Characteristics Petal Book
  • The Four Main Classes of Invertebrates Flap Book
  • Annelid Characteristics Tri-fold Book
  • Echinoderms Characteristics Star Shape Book
  • Mollusk Characteristics Fan
  • Arthropods Matchbook

Animal Classification Lapbook Photos

You can use as many or as few of the mini-books as you like to create your lapbook. Here is a sample lapbook lay-out.

Animal Classification Lapbook with a Center Extension
Center Extension Flap Lifted

How to Get Started with the Animal Classification Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the animal classification lapbook.

  1. If desired, check out various books about animal classification from your local library.
  2. Print the animal classification lapbook.
  3. Choose and prepare the lapbook mini-books you want to use.
  4. Enjoy a week of science based learning with your student.

Download Your Animal Classification Lapbook

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