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When we think of ocean animals, we often forget about the birds who depend on the vast ocean waters for life.

Grab our Seabirds Lapbook and learn all about terns, pelicans, seagulls, puffins, and other birds that live at sea.

Seabirds Lapbook Information

Here are some sample lessons from this animal lapbook:

What Is a Seabird?
A seabird is a type of bird that lives the majority of its life on the sea, whether it be close to the shore, or for several years on the open oceans.

Even though the sea may seem like a strange place for a bird to call home, it has quite a few habitats that have different water temperatures and different types of fish and plankton.

Land is unimportant to seabirds; many seabirds have lost their ability to walk.

Seabird Diets
Different seabirds eat different things. What they eat depends on where they live and the shape of their beaks.

Seabirds with narrow beaks often eat fish, as the narrow beaks are shaped to easily catch fish. Seabirds with short, rounded beaks will use their beaks as a scoop for catching zooplankton, a tiny animal that lives in the ocean. Birds with slightly hooked beaks will eat a variety of foods, such as fish, eggs, garbage, and sometimes other birds.

How Seabirds Find Food
Seabirds have different ways of finding food.

A red phalarope eats off of the surface of the water. It swims around in a circle, making the water swirl. This trick brings bits of food to the surface. When the food comes up, it eats it.

A gull is a scavenger. It takes leftovers from fishermen, other birds, and even finds some of its dinner at the garbage dump. A gull is also a bird with a lot of intelligence. It uses a rock like a tool. It drops it on clams, shatters the shell, then it swoops down to claim the meat.

A brown pelican soars above the water until it spies a fish. Then it plunges straight into the water, opens its beaks, and captures its meal.

A Jaeger is a thief! It steals food from puffins.
Murres dive underwater. Then they swim, chase, and catch a meal.

You can grab a copy of the entire Seabirds Lapbook in an easy-to-print file at the end of this post.

Seabirds Lapbook Printables

The Seabirds Lapbook includes the following lapbook mini-books:

  • What Is a Seabird? File Folder
  • My Book of Seabird Words
  • Seabird Beaks Flap Book
  • Diving Seabirds Anatomy Envelope Fold
  • High Flying Tri-fold
  • Seabird Communication Notebooks & Pocket
  • Methods of Finding Food Simple Fold
  • Seabird Guide Book
  • Seabird Matchbooks
  • Who Am I? T-books (includes puffin, penguin, storm petrel, and frigate)

Lapbook Example

This lapbook was made with one file folder and a piece of cardstock taped to the middle to form a center extension flap. If you are new to lapbooking, check out our How to Make a Lapbook guide.

Center Extension Flap Lifted

How to Get Started with Your Seabirds Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Seabirds Lapbook.

  1. If you want, go to your local library and check out books about any of the following birds: pelican, albatross, seagull, tern, or other seabirds.
  2. Print the Seabirds Lapbook.
  3. Choose and prepare the mini-books you want to use with your student.
  4. Enjoy a week of reading and learning all about seabirds.

Download Your Seabirds Lapbook

Simply click on the image below to access your free Seabirds Lapbook.

Seabirds Lapbook

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