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Thanks to Michelle Matias and Becky Senn for writing the Pigs Will Be Pigs Math Activities.

Pigs Will Be Pigs Math Activities

This set of math activities is based on the book Pigs Will Be Pigs by Amy Axelrod.

One Dollar
Review the different denominations of coins (penny = 1 cent, nickel = 5 cents, dime = 10 cents, quarter= 25 cents). How many different ways can you make a dollar from different coins? Use the printable change purse mini-book to play with this concept.

Money Math
Print out the matching money amounts worksheet and practice counting different denominations.

Money Story Problems
This book can be one big story problem! You’ll find three questions on the last page. Work through them with your student. 

Coin Hunt
Hide coins around your house and go on a money hunt. Try not to make as big a mess as the Pigs did! Sort it and count it when you are finished. 

Comparing Prices
Compare the Terrific Taco menu prices to those found in the book (the Enchanted Enchilada prices). Ask your student questions such as,

“Does it cost more to buy a Bean burrito plate at Terrific Taco or a Bean burrito plate at Enchanted Enchilada?” Continue with similar questions. 

Addition and Subtraction
You can also use the menus for addition and subtraction problems. Tailor the problems to match your student’s ability. Here are some samples:

Pick three food items to purchase from the Enchanted Enchilada. How much money will you need? If you give the cashier $10, how much money will you get back? 

Where would you eat if you only had $5? What would you buy?

If you purchased two taco salads and two frozen delights at the Enchanted Enchilada, how much would it cost total?

Play Restaurant
Make your own restaurant (this can be real or pretend). Decide what kind of food you will serve and create a homemade menu. An older student may want to consider price of ingredients and time it takes to make the food when determining prices. If you have multiple students, different roles can be assigned from head chef to waiter to busboy to hostess to cashier! Everyone should get turns doing different things, if possible. 

Bank Field Trip
Mrs. Pig says she has no money because she didn’t go to the bank. Visit your bank as a field trip (you may want to call ahead and schedule a tour). Discuss the different jobs at the bank. Show your student how you withdraw money. Examine the account balance before and after.

You can grab a copy of the entire Pigs Will Be Pigs math activities and printables in an easy-to-print file at the end of this post.

Pigs Will Be Pigs Printables

This file includes a few printables:

  • Coin Purse Counting (Ways to Make One Dollar) Mini-book
  • Matching Money Amounts Activity Page
  • The Terrific Taco Menu

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Pigs Will Be Pigs Math Activities

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