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Sneak in some math with this engaging set of bank dramatic play printables. You can teach your little learners about numbers, number values, coin values, and saving money when you transform your classroom into a pretend bank.

Benefits of Pretend Play for Young Children

Why should you encourage pretend play for your preschool and kindergarten students? Because it is brain-building!

Pretend play is beneficial for your student because it promotes:

  • creativity and imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • social development
  • language and communication skills
  • problem-solving abilities
  • teamwork

What’s Included in the Bank Pretend Play Set?

Bank Dramatic Play Signs and Posters

  • Welcome to the Bank Sign
  • Open Sign
  • Closed Sign
  • Bank Hours
  • Please Wait for the Next Teller Poster
  • You Can Start a Savings Account Poster

Forms, Checks, and Money

This set would not be complete without some bank forms (including ATM card applications and deposit forms), checks, money, and ATM cards.

Pretend Play Name Tags

Your students can take on different roles with these bank name tags:

  • Bank Teller
  • Bank Manager
  • Customer (two versions)

Coin Cards and Value Posters

This set includes coin mini-posters to help your students learn the value of each coin.

Other Bank Pretend Play Printables

In addition to the printables above, this set also includes an ATM machine, a vault, and a clock.

Bank Dramatic Play Center Props

Add some props to your bank dramatic play center to make it more engaging and realistic:

  • Clipboards
  • Cardboard ATM Machine
  • Wooden Cash Register (one cash register for each teller)
  • Piggy Banks
  • Plastic Coins
  • Envelopes (your bank might be willing to donate a few authentic money envelopes)
  • Pens and Pencils

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More Pretend Play Sets

After you set up the bank, you can create a small town by adding these additional sets: