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Are you hoping to set up a post office dramatic play area in your classroom or home? Your little learners can deliver mail, write letters, and buy stamps with this fun set of Preschool Post Office Printables.

Benefits of Pretend Play

Why should your students play post office? You should encourage pretend play for your preschool and kindergarten students because it is brain-building!

Pretend play is beneficial for your student because it promotes:

  • creativity and imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • social development
  • language and communication skills
  • problem-solving abilities
  • teamwork

What’s Included in This Set of Preschool Post Office Printables?

This printable set of dramatic play printables includes gobs of fun for your preschool and kindergarten students.

Post Office Pretend Play Signs

These signs are included in the post office printables:

  • Post Office Sign
  • Open for Business Sign
  • Sorry We’re Closed Sign
  • Post Office Hours Sign (laminate and use with a dry erase marker)

Post Office Pretend Play Badges

Your students can pretend to work at the post office and wear one of these badges:

  • Mail Carrier (two different badges are included)
  • Post Office Clerk (two different badges are included)

Pretend Stamps Printables and Shipping Labels

Students can pretend to mail letters and packages with the printable stamps and priority mail shipping labels that are included in the dramatic play set.

  • Pretend Play Stamps (in full color and in black and white so your student can color them)
  • Priority Mail Shipping Labels
  • Design Post Stamps
    Students can use this page to design their own stamps. This would be a great center. Just add crayons!

Post Office Math Practice

Your students can also practice math skills with these printables.

  • Post Office Price List
  • Postal Receipt
  • Tracking Card
  • Post Office Play Money

Other Post Office Printables

Additionally, this set includes these printables:

  • Post Office Words Poster (hang this in the post office)
  • Vocabulary Word Cards (mail truck, stamp, parcel, letter, mailbox, mail carrier, envelope, and post office)
  • How to Mail a Letter Instruction Page
  • Postcard Templates
  • Letter Writing Templates (two options!)

Props to Add to Your Post Office Dramatic Play Center

Adding these props to your Post Office Pretend Play Center to create a hands-on learning experience for your students.

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Sets included: fire station, post office, grocery, dentist, vet, zoo, library, pet shop, garden shop, ice cream shop, candy store, and dinosaur museum.

More Preschool Post Office Printables

If you’d like to add more post office themed centers to your home or classroom, try some of these printable activities. They are perfect for a community helpers theme.

Post Office Shape Matching Activity
Post Office Numbers Tracing Pages