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Groundhogs are the perfect critter to study in the winter–right before Groundhog Day, but it doesn’t have to be winter. And it doesn’t have to be Groundhog Day. You can study these furry rodents any time of year with our free Groundhog Lapbook.

Thanks to Cate Proudfoot for writing the research and lessons for this Groundhog Lapbook for Homeschool Share.

Groundhogs Lapbook Information

Here are some sample lessons from the Groundhogs Lapbook:

Groundhog Habitat
Groundhogs are found in the woodlands and fields of the United States, Canada and as far west as parts of Alaska.

The destruction of forest has actually increased the groundhog population in recent years.

Groundhog Characteristics and Anatomy
Groundhogs are mammals. They are diurnal.

They can grow from 17 to 25 inches long and weigh 5 to 14 pounds. When conditions are just right, that can change to 32 inches long and 30 pounds.

Their feet are black with four toes on the front and five toes on the back. Short legs cause them to waddle when they walk.

Two coats of fur help keep them warm and dry. A dense, woolly undercoat and longer guard hairs. These guard hairs are banded with alternating dark and light colors of yellowish gray to reddish brown, giving this mammal a frosted or grizzled appearance.

Dark colored tails are fanned out and fluffy like their relative, the squirrel. Although, not as large in relation to body size (1/4 of their total body length).

Ears are small, low and rounded atop a black colored head with small black eyes.

You can grab a copy of the entire Groundhogs Lapbook in an easy-to-print file at the end of this post.

Groundhogs Lapbook Printables

This Groundhogs Lapbook includes the following mini-books and printables:

  • Groundhog Predators
  • Punxsutawney Phil Flap Book
  • How Groundhogs Harm and Help Twice Folded Book
  • The Rodent Family Tree Tri-fold Book
  • Rodent Facts Mini-book
  • What Is a Shadow? Simple Fold
  • Groundhog Classification Accordion
  • Groundhog Diet Simple Fold
  • Groundhog Day Verdict Simple Fold
  • My Groundhog Day Prediction Simple Fold
  • Finding Groundhogs File Folder
  • Avoiding Predators Mini-book
  • Groundhog Nicknames Fan
  • Groundhog Babies Mini-book
  • Candlemas Copywork Book
  • Groundhog Day History Envelope Fold
  • Groundhog Jokes Simple Folds
  • New Groundhog Words Shape Book
  • What Will the Weather Be? Flap Book
  • Groundhog Anatomy Tab Book
  • There’s No Place Like Home Mini-book

Groundhog Lapbook Example

This lapbook was made with one file folder and a piece of cardstock taped to the center for an extension.

Center Extension Flap Lifted

If you want to include the Groundhog Day lapbook elements, you can add another file folder to this file folder. If you aren’t sure how to do that, see How to Make a Lapbook.

Groundhog Day Lapbook Example

If you don’t want to use all the mini-books to learn about groundhogs, you can pull some of them and make a more simple Groundhog Day Lapbook.

How to Get Started with Your Groundhogs Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Groundhogs Lapbook.

  1. If you want, go to your local library and check out books about groundhogs.
  2. Print the Groundhogs Lapbook.
  3. Choose and prepare the mini-books you want to use with your student.
  4. Enjoy a week of reading and learning all about groundhogs!

Download Your Free Groundhogs Lapbook

Simply click on the image below to access your free Groundhogs Lapbook.

Groundhogs Lapbook

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