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Who Was Annie Oakley? Free Lapbook

Who Was Annie Oakley?

  Author: Stephanie Spinner
Illustrator: Larry Day, Nancy Harrison

Annie Oakley was born Phoebe Ann Moses in 1860 in Ohio. Her life story is told here-from her fatherless childhood through her marriage to Frank Butler and glory days traveling with Buffalo Bill's show to her death, 18 days before her husband's, in 1926.

Lapbook and photos by Cindi Fry

*Please see notes at the bottom of the page to determine if this book is suitable for your family.

This is a two file folder lapbook.
Here you can see the cover and back.

Right side of lapbook, opened.
See left side of the lapbook in the picture below.

Lapbook Templates
Note: Numbers on mini books correspond to the chapters in the book.

1a Who Was Annie Oakley?
5a Sitting Bull
11a Travels
1b, 4a Childhood and Shoot Match
5b Circus Performance
11b Drawing
2a Hard Times
6a Buffalo Bill
12a In the News
3a Earning Money
6b Wild West Show
12b Later Years
3b Buckshot
7a A Day with Annie
12c Timeline
4b Marriage
7b Annie's Costume
Book Review and Photos
4c Butter & Oakley, George 9-10 England and Beyond Cover Page

*There are some things in this book that you might not be ready to discuss with your student or that you might want to be sure to discuss with your student if he or she is reading the book alone.

p.8  Annie willfully disobeys her mother by taking down her father's rifle and going hunting to provide food for her starving family.  Parents may wish to discuss willful disobedience. Did Annie have other options?

p. 70-71  Prince Edward likes to flirt.  Parents may wish to discuss flirting (particularly when a person is married).

p. 101-103   A newspaper published that Annie was in prison and that she was a cocaine addict.  Parents may wish to discuss the use of illegal drugs, slander, and the media.

p. 104  Annie begins to teach women how to shoot a gun and states "Women relied on their men to protect them.  But why? asked Annie.  She believed women should rely on themselves."    Parents may wish to discuss their family's view of the role of women and the One on whom we should rely.