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Thanks to Michelle Matias and Becky Senn for writing the A Remainder of One math activities.

A Remainder of One Math Activities

This set of math activities is based on the book A Remainder of One by Elinor J. Pinczes.

Dividing 25
The main idea of the book is division. There are 25 insects that have to team up, without remainders, in order to march. Poor Joe gets left behind. Finally, they figure out how to divide them up without remainders.

Use the worksheet provided to explore the concept of dividing 25.

Using 25 items (pennies, buttons, plastic bugs, etc.), figure out ways that the items could be divided. This might be good to do as you read the story, and see if your child can predict what will happen.

More Division: Hungry Bugs Math Mat
Print the Hungry Bugs Math Mat. Find 40 small food objects (jelly beans, small candy, dried fruit, nuts, etc.). Start with 16 objects. Tell your student to divide the food equally among the hungry bugs. Repeat with quantities of 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40. You could cut the bugs apart and have your student only work with 2 or 3 of them to practice different division equations.

Dividing Food: Make Your Own Snack Mix
Buy the various items needed to make a trail mix. For snack, put out a number of raisins and ask your child to divide them up so each person has an equal amount. Do the same with nuts, cereal, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and other dried fruit. If the child is capable, be sure to give him different quantities of each item. After everything is divided equally, let your child mix the items to make each person a bag of snack mix.

Insect Math:
Joe and the rest of the soldiers are insects. Insects have six legs, two antennae, one head, one thorax, and one abdomen. Solve these insect math problems:

There are 18 legs, how many insects?

There are 6 antennae, how many insects?

There are 25 thoraxes, how many insects?

How many legs do 10 insects have?

How many antennae do 25 insects have?

How many abdomens do 18 insects have?

Have your child make up his own word problems to challenge your math skills.

More Insect Math:

There were 6 nests, with 3 ants in each nest. How many ants were there total?

There were 20 insects in line and 4 ran out for a snack. How many insects were left in the line?

There were 8 beetles, 5 bumblebees, 7 lightning bugs, and 4 ants. How many bugs were there all together?

There were 8 pieces of pie, and there were 48 ants. How many ants had to share a piece of pie?

Twelve insects went into the line. Then another 6 came. Then another 15 came. How many total insects went into the line?

You can grab a copy of the A Remainder of One math activities and printables at the end of this post.

A Remainder of One Printables

This file includes a few printables:

  • Ways to Divide 25 Activity Page
  • Hungry Bugs Math Mat

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