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This United States Presidents Lapbook was designed to use to study the office of the President of the United States while focusing on one President.

Your student will need to research various topics in order to complete this United States Presidents Lapbook. Not every mini-book in the Presidents Lapbook will apply for every President. Simply pick and choose the mini-books you want to use to create your own unique lapbook.

As your student focuses on one president, your student will learn about that president’s life before the presidency, education, military service, party affiliation, terms served, justices the president appointed to the supreme court, executive orders the president issues, and more!

You may want to include one of our Presidents Matchbooks. (This page also includes a file of information about the presidents.)

United States Presidents Lapbook Mini-books

The United States Presidents Lapbook has a black and white option as well as a color option. Just pick which one you want before you print.

The Presidents Lapbook includes these mini-books:

  • Requirements to Become President Flap Book (includes age requirement, citizenship requirement, and residency requirement)
  • The President’s Responsibilities Fan
  • School Days Simple Fold
  • Before and After the Presidency Shutterflap Book
  • Presidential Oath Simple Fold
  • Military Service Shape Book
  • Commander-in-chief Flap Book
  • Currency Sightings Simple Fold
  • During This President’s Term Flap Book
  • The President’s Home Simple Fold Book
  • Justices Appointed to the Court Scroll Shapes
  • Executive Orders Flap Book
  • Presidential Pets Simple Fold
  • Monuments and Memorials Simple Fold
  • Quotable Quotes Mini-book

President Lapbook Example

This lapbook was made with two file folders glued together. If you are new to lapbooking, read through How to Make a Lapbook.

Pick and choose the mini-books that are best for your student and for the president your student is researching.

File Folder on the Left
File Folder on the Right

Download Your Free United States Presidents Lapbook

Note: This United States Presidents lapbook file includes two versions of the lapbook. One version is black and white, and the other is color. Please choose before you print, so that you don’t print both.

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