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Polar Animals Lapbook

Polar Animals Lapbook

General Minibooks created by Jodi Small and Cindi Fry

Cover #1
Arctic Fox Word Find
Whales Stay Warm
Arctic Animals Wheel
Arctic Fox Diet Fan
Whale Lifecycle Side by Side
Penguin Tab Book
Arctic Hare Tab Book
Whales Vs. Fish Venn Diagram
Penguin Map
Snowy Owl Simple Fold & Arctic Hare Names
Walrus Clipboards
Penguin/Polar Bear Matchbook
Seals Layer Book
Caribou Trifold
Penguins in the Arctic
Seals Simple Fold Books
Draw Polar Bear and SeaLion
North Star Matchbook
Favorite Part of Arctic
Pinnipeds Pocket
use with the cards found here
Whales Pocket
use with the cards found here
Penguins Pocket
use with the cards found here
Cover #2 Two Types of Whales  

Polar Bear Minit Books from Homeschool Share's Three Snow Bears Unit
Polar Bear Diet
Polar Bear Anatomy
Family Names & Where Can I Find Polar Bears?


Magic Treehouse Research Guide- Polar Bears and the Arctic
Created by Cindi Fry

Migration File Folder
Arctic People Flap
Hibernation File Folder
Arctic Myth Accordion
Shaman Mini & Iditarod Mini
Sled Dogs Shuttertied
Polar Fun Facts Minits
Vocabulary Shutterflap
Polar Desert Tri-fold Compare and Contrast Boats & Igloo Matchbooks

Magic Tree House Research Guide- Penguins and Antarctica
Created by Cindi Fry


Chapter 1 Mini Books
Chapter 5 Mini Books
Chapter 2 Mini Books
Chapter 6 Mini Books
Chapter 3 Mini Book
Draw a Penguin
Chapter 4 Mini Book
Antarctica Pockets

Magic School Bus- Penguin Puzzle
Created by Cindi Fry

Ice Cap & Ross Ice Shelf Simple Folds
North Pole
Antarctica Is...
Snow Blindness & Antarctic Skies Matchbooks
Krill Accordion
Summer and Winter Emperor and Adelie Venn

Magic School Bus- Polar Bear Patrol
Created by Cindi Fry and Kelly Cooper

Sun Never Sets & Arctic Giants Mini Books
Musk Oxen Flap
Log Book
Polar Bear Life Cycle
Frostbite Tri-fold
Arctic Animals Pocket
Keeping Cozy in the Arctic Flap
Lemming Matchbook

More Printables, Information & Ideas (from other sites) you may want to include in this lapbook

Polar Bear Print-out
Polar Bear Word Scramble
FREE Penguins Lapbook by Angela Frampton
Arctic Fox Print-out
Polar Bear Maze
FREE Penguins Lapbook by Lapbook Lessons
Snowy Owl Print-out
Penguin Lined Paper
Polar Bears Circle Book
Arctic Hare Print-out
My Itsy Bitsy Penguin Book
Reindeer Circle Book
Walrus Print-out
Draw a Penguin (simple)
More Arctic Animal Print-outs!
Caribou Print-out How Many Arctic Animals Book  

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