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Officer Buckle and Gloria Free Lapbook

Officer Buckle and Gloria Lapbook

  Author and Illustrator:  Peggy Rathman
Summary:Officer Buckle, a mustachioed policeman who wears a crossed-out-banana-peel patch on his sleeve, has a passion for teaching students about safety, but his audiences tend to doze off during his lectures. They awaken, however, when police dog Gloria joins Buckle onstage. As Buckle speaks, Gloria-behind Buckle's back-mimes each safety lesson (e.g., leaping sky-high for "Never leave a thumbtack where you might sit on it!" and making her fur stand on end to illustrate "Do not go swimming during electrical storms!"). School safety increases tenfold and Buckle and Gloria find themselves in great demand. But when he finally learns of his sidekick's secret sideshow, Buckle's feelings are terribly hurt. Rathmann's high-voltage cartoons, outlined in black ink for punchy contrast, capture her characters' every feeling, from Gloria's hammy glee and Buckle's surprised satisfaction to Gloria's shame at having tricked her partner. In a sound and sensitive conclusion, Gloria's disastrous attempt to go solo inspires Buckle's "best safety tip yet": "Always stick with your buddy!"

Lapbook Templates Prepared by Tina Franks

Lapbook Templates

Cover Page
Working Dogs Cards & Pocket
Names to Know Flap (me, mom, dad)
My Safety Tips
About the Book Triangle
Names to Know Flap (me, mom, grandma)
My Phone Number
Words to Read & Write
When to Call 9-1-1 Shutterfold
My Address House Shape Humpty Dumpty's Accident Folder Vocabulary Flap Book

Language Arts

1.  About the Book – look over the book’s cover and information with child and determine the title, author, illustrator (author and illustrator are the same for this book) and publication year.

2.  Vocabulary – have child match pictures to the following words after you discuss their meanings:
accident, audience, cheer, station, safety, listen

3.  Beginning reading and writing – have the child practice writing and reading the following words:
tip, him, his, he, it, sit, sat, dog, me, she

4.  Nursery rhymes – have child read and write (depending on their level) the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme.  Discuss accidents.

Social Studies

1.  Have the child practice writing (or reciting, if too young to write) their address.

2.  Have the child also practice writing (or pasting numbers) their phone number.

3.  Names to Know – Child should be able to write or paste and recite their names and the names of both parents or primary caregivers.  All three of these items are imperative for a child to know in case of emergency.

4.  When to Call 911 – Discuss with your child when and how to call 911.  Make up some scenarios.  Should you call 9-1-1 if your dog is sick?   Should you call 9-1-1 if your pet goldfish jumps out of his bowl?   Should you call 9-1-1 if mommy falls down the stairway and can't get up?  Child should know what situations are considered enough of an emergency to call 911.

5.  My Safety Tips – go over the tips given or make up your own safety tips with child.

6.  Working Dogs – there are all kinds of different jobs that dogs can do.  Gloria was a police dog, but dogs can help people in a great number of other ways.  Use the picture cards to discuss other jobs that dogs can do.

7.  Community helpers – we used the Community Helpers matching activity from Katy and the Big Snow