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Mrs. Wishy Washy is fun to read! Grab our free Mrs. Wishy Washy activities and printables and explore some engaging lessons with your preschool students.

Thanks to Robin Diedrichs for creating these Mrs. Wishy-Washy lessons, activities, and printables for Homeschool Share.

Books Needed for the Mrs. Wishy Washy Activities

The learning activities can be used with any Mrs. Wishy-Washy book, but it was designed to go with these three:

Note: When my son and I used this lapbook, we only had Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm, and it worked out just fine.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy Learn Objectives

Here are some learning goals as your student works through the various activities and printables.

  • Investigate different mediums for finger-painting – pudding and shaving cream.
  • Sort pictures for the concepts of clean and dirty.
  • Explore and match farm animal sounds.
  • Compare and contrast city life and farm life.
  • Play hide and seek and match animals to hiding spots.
  • Discover the why, when, how, and who of washing hands.
  • Learn about the color brown and find items of that color.
  • Memorize Psalm 51:7.
  • Counting sets of objects with sums of 1, 2, 3, and 5 and match number to set.
  • Find rectangles and create a rectangle city.
  • An introduction to the letter W and words that begin with W.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy Lapbook Printables

The download includes a huge variety of Mrs. Wishy Washy printables. If you want, you can combine several to create a one of a kind Mrs. Wishy Washy lapbook.

  • Finger Paint the Pig with “Mud”
  • Hide and Seek Matching Game
  • Farm Life and City Life Twice Folded Book
  • Animal Sounds Shutterbook
  • Clean or Dirty? Sorting Cards
  • W is for Water (paint it!)
  • Bible Verse (Psalm 51:7) Matchbook
  • Counting at Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm
    Note: The link to the instructions for how to make a flag book is broken. Try this link instead.
  • Make a Cityscape
  • Animal Sorting (by type and size)
  • Wash Your Hands Hand Shaped Book
  • What Is Brown? Fan Book
  • Mud Poem Mini-book

Mrs. Wishy-Washy Additional Activities

Wash the Farm Animals
Use stuffed animals of a pig, duck, and cow and act out the story of Mrs. Wishy-Washy. Use an old washtub or pot (or even just a plastic bucket) and a scrub brush. Mrs. Wishy-Washy and Wishy-Washy Day are perfect for reenacting because of the simple storyline.

Glorious Mud!
Make mud in a large plastic container and provide your child with the pans, spoons, plastic knifes to delight himself in a morning of mud pie making. Every child needs to experience this at least once in his life.

Get out some bubbles and have fun!

Hide & Seek
Play “Hide & Seek” to complement Wishy-Washy Day. You could play with your children the traditional game where you take turns hiding and finding each other. You could also have your child pretend to be Mrs. Wishy-Washy. Help him/her say, “It’s wishy-washy day. Into the tub for a scrub you go.”

How to Get Started with the Mrs. Wishy-Washy Activities & Printables

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Mrs. Wishy-Washy Lapbook.

  1. Buy a copy of one of the Mrs. Wishy-Washy books, or grab one from your local library. We used Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm.
  2. Choose and prepare the Mrs. Wishy-Washy lapbook printables and activities you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of hands-on learning with your preschool student.

Download Your Mrs. Wishy-Washy Lapbook Printables

Simply click on the image below to grab your free copy of the Mrs. Wishy-Washy activities and printables.

Mrs. Wishy-Washy Lapbook

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