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We all need to be better listeners. This twist on the traditional scavenger hunt will help your student hone listening observation skills while having fun finding the list on the printable page. Grab a clipboard and a crayon and go outside for a walk with this Listening Scavenger Hunt.

Items You Will Look for with the Listening Walk Scavenger Hunt

Go out and walk together. You can take this scavenger hunt with you as you walk through your neighborhood, downtown, or at a local park.

Your student will listen for these items:

  • Lawn Mower
  • Dog Barking
  • Traffic Noise
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Siren (fire truck, police car, or ambulance)
  • Talking
  • Laughing
  • Airplane Zooming
  • Phone Ringing
  • Wind Blowing
  • Music
  • Bird
  • Bee
  • Water

This scavenger hunt also includes bonus items to listen for:

Listen for anything that makes these sounds: clicking, whirring, banging, rattling, tapping, and squeaking.

As your student locates each item, have her color it on the printable page provided.

Benefits of the Listening Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This scavenger hunt is great as a go-along with your five senses theme. It provides many benefits for your student.

  • Scavenger hunts boost observation skills. As your child listens for objects, he will develop better observation skills.
  • Scavenger hunts require movements; this promotes gross motor development.
  • A scavenger hunt can provide safe sensory input for your student (this one is loaded with opportunities for hearing people and nature all around).
  • If you work on the scavenger hunt as a team, it will promote cooperation and social skills development.

Additionally, the bonus items will increase creative and critical thinking skills as your child has to determine what clicks, whirs, bangs, rattles, taps, and squeaks!

Picture Books About Listening

Encourage your student to become a better listener with the hunt and with these sweet stories.

You could also read some books about the five senses.

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