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Lewis and Clark and Me Unit Study

Unit prepared by Holly Dong

Author: Laurie Myers
Illustrator: Michael Dooling
ISBN: 0805063684
Summary: Meriwether Lewis's dog Seaman serves as narrator for a fictionalized account of Lewis and William Clark's 1803-1806 journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean in Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's Tale by Laurie Myers, illus. by Michael Dooling. Excerpts from Lewis's journals close each chapter, supplying the historical basis for the dog's adventures.

Unit prepared by Holly Dong

This can be used as a two-week unit. The first day can be spent on introductory lessons; the remaining four days of the first week can be used for chapters 1-4 (one chapter per day read by the parent or student). The next week can be followed with chapters 5-9.

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