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Are you looking for lapbook templates? You are in the right place! This page includes several different types of fans for your student’s lapbook.

Fan Templates for Your Lapbooks

Fans are fan-tastic because it doesn’t matter how many pieces of information you have, you can use one! If you need additional fan pieces, just print another copy of the page.

Because fans require brass fasteners, they should be printed on thicker paper; cardstock works great.

Oval Fan Books

Small Oval Fan Template (includes eight pieces)

Simply click on the image to grab your small oval fan book.

Large Oval Fan Template (includes four pieces)

Sometimes large fans flop around a bit in your lapbook. In order to remedy this, consider putting your fan book in an envelope or pocket.

Simply click on the image to grab your large oval book.

Octagon Fan Books

Skinny Octagon Fan Template (includes five pieces)

These eight-sided fans will add some interest to your student’s lapbook.

Simply click on the image to grab your skinny octagon fan book.

Fat Octagon Fan Book Template (includes four pieces)

If your student needs more space to write, consider using this larger octagon fan book.

This option works well for younger students. It’s also a good option if the student wants to draw some images on the pages of the fan book.

Simply click on the image to grab your large octagon fan book.

Pentagon Fan Books

Small Pentagon Fan Book Template (includes eight pieces)

Here is another interesting fan book shape for your student’s lapbook. These work well if you are looking for something smaller, of if you need more pieces.

Simply click on the image to grab your small pentagon fan book.

Large Pentagon Fan Book Template (includes four pieces)

If those pentagon pieces above are too small, consider trying this large pentagon fan abook.

Simply click on the image to grab your large pentagon fan book.

Hexagon Fan Book

Hexagon Fan Book Template (includes five pieces)

Here is one last option for your student’s lapbook. It’s another interesting shape that will add some fun variety.

Simply click on the image to grab your hexagon fan book.

More Lapbook Templates

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Editable Lapbook Templates

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