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FREE Country Lapbook Templates

Choose-a-Country Lapbook


Are we there yet? (mileage)
Language- Alphabet
Recipe Pocket I
People Layer (name, population, history)
Language- Numbers
Recipe Pocket II
Geography Tab
(area, highest point, lowest point, bodies of water)
Famous Artist Hotdog Book
Hotdog Book Instructions
What's Cooking Pocketbook
*include your own menu
Can You Believe It?  Trifolds Language Simple Fold & Fun Fact Books
World Restaurant Pocketbook
*include your own menu
Wow! Matchbooks
Capital Matchbook & Graphic**
Religion and Climate Simple Folds
Did You Know?
Missionary Report Form Pocket
Music & Dancing Triangle Books
Borders Matchbooks
Explorer Report Form Pocket
Music & Dancing Shutterfold
Major Industries Fan

Explorer Fan Book

Weather Cone Pocket
Cone Pocket Instructions
Flag Shape Book
Education Simple Fold
Popular Sports and Most Common Religion
Famous Person Accordion
Holiday, Wedding, Birthday Traditions File Folders
Animal Pocket (for animal cards)
Famous Person Accordion Blank
Government Flap Book
Time Flap Book
Different Languages    

Additional Ideas:
~Make a travel brochure that details why one should visit this country.  Fold in thirds just like a pamphlet and include it in your lapbook. 

~Make a religion or industry pie graph

~Use a Venn Diagram Minit Book to compare and contrast an aspect of your country or culture with the one you are studying.

Sample Photos

Here are some sample pictures from Alanna's Japan Lapbook (thanks to Lynn Pitts for contributing the photos!):

Entire Lapbook

Left Side

Left Side Flap Lifted

Inside Time Zone Book

Inside Alphabet Book