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Kids love animals! Have fun with geography and introduce the seven continents with this free animals and their continents worksheet set.

Students will cut and paste the corresponding animals to each continent activity sheet. This will help students learn the seven continents and which animals live there.

What’s Included in the Animals and Their Continents Worksheet Set?

This set of animals continents worksheets includes an activity page for each continent.

  • Asia (animals include panda, orangutan, sloth bear, tiger, camel, king cobra)
  • Europe (animals include goat, weasel, golden jackal, hedgehog, brown bear, and raccoon)
  • North America (animals include wolf, beaver, armadillo, moose, bison, and bald eagle)
  • South America (animals include jaguar, llama, sloth, toucan, capybara, and anteater)
  • Australia (animals include kangaroo, wallaby, koala, dingo, wombat, and Tasmanian devil)
  • Africa (animals include lion, hippopotamus, crocodile, elephant, rhinoceros, and cheetah)
  • Antarctica (animals include penguin, seal, blue whale, krill, orca, and squid)

How to Use the Animal Continents Activity Sheets

This set of activity sheets is simple to use.

  1. Gather the supplies your student will need to complete the activity: crayons, scissors, and glue.
  2. Print the continent worksheets and animals.
  3. Choose a continent activity sheet to complete.
  4. Show your student a world map and where the continent is. Discuss the animals that live there, and let your student cut and paste the animals to the worksheet.

After your student finishes a page, encourage him to color the continent. If you have an older student, ask him to choose an animal to research.

Alternatively, you could laminate the pages and turn this into a reusable center activity. Simply add velcro to the pages and the back of each animal and let students match the correct animals to each continent. When finished, student can clear the page and have it ready for a different student to use.

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