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Yes, we have a huge selection of country lapbooks, but maybe we don’t have the one you want. What are you going to do?

You can head to the Tip-Top Printables Shop and grab this Country Lapbook. The templates found in this lapbook can be used to study ANY country in the world.

What’s Included in the Country Lapbook?

These templates are included in this lapbook:

  • My Country Lapbook Cover Piece
  • Basic Facts Simple Fold Books (includes four books: official name, capital city, area/size, and official language)
  • Flag Facts Simple Fold Book
  • Where in the World? Map Tri-fold Book
  • Government Matchbook
  • Climate Matchbook
  • Sightseeing Guide Mini-book
  • Weather Comparison Accordion Book
  • Major Products Fan
  • Population Comparison Simple Fold Book
  • Distance Simple Fold Book
  • Landforms Simple Fold Books (includes six books: mountains/highest point, rivers, bordering oceans, volcanoes, waterfalls, and deserts)
  • Currency Shape Book
  • Things to Pack Suitcase Shape Book
  • Foods I Tried Cards and Pocket

Remember, you don’t have to include every mini-book in order to have an amazing lapbook. Let your student pick and choose as she researches her chosen country.

How to Get Started with Your Country Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Country Lapbook.

  1. Go to the Tip-Top Printables Shop and buy the lapbook.
  2. Print the Country Lapbook.
  3. Let your student choose a country to research.
  4. Choose and prepare the lapbook mini-books your student wants to use in her lapbook.
  5. Enjoy a week of learning all about your student’s chosen country!

Lapbook Sample

Here is a sample of this lapbook. It was made with two file folders, glued together. If you need more instructions, try this lapbook tutorial.

First File Folder (File Folder on the Left)
Second File Folder (File Folder on the Right)

Country Lapbook Suggested Resources

Your student will need to complete a fair amount of research in order to create the lapbook.

You can start with National Geographic Kids. They have amazing pages on a variety of countries for your student to explore.

Another fantastic resource for learning more about countries and cultures of the world is Children Just Like Me by DK.

If you want to add an extra hands-on project to the study, consider a salt dough map. Your student can build a salt dough map of the country he has chosen to learn more about.

Buy the Country Lapbook

You can snag this lapbook right here and right now! This is a great purchase because your student can use it again and again and again!