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Miscellaneous Lapbook Templates

Miscellaneous Lapbook Templates

About my Town Tab Book by Jodi Small
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Minit Books
Animal Classification by Wende
Animal Classification Graduated Book by Wende
Animal Classification Scrolls by Natalie Sing
Animal Classification- Mammals Clipboard
Animal Classification- Misc. Minit Books (12 total) by Debbie Palmer
Animal Classification- Amphibians Clipboard
Animal Classification- Birds Clipboard
Animal Classification- Fish Clipboard
Animal Classification- Reptiles Clipboard
Animal Form with Pocket
Animal Names by Natalie Sing
Any Animal Templates
Apple Clock by Melissa Robertson
Astronaut Bound Book
Australia- Emu Minit Books
Australia- What Came From (goes with book by same title)
Australian Words Flap (also goes with
Look What Came From Australia book)
Barrel tri-fold
Battery Minits (study for younger students)
Bears- What are Bears?  (Classification)
Bears- World Map
Bible Verse Pocket
Bird Facts Bound Book
Book Log Fan by Wende
Book Report- About this Book Side by Side by Tina Franks
Book Report- About this Book Triangle by Tina Franks
Book Report-Flap Book
Book Shape 1 (4 per page)
Book Shape 2 (4 per page)
Book Shape 2 (6 per page)
Book Shape 3 (4 per page)
Book Shape 3 (6 per page)
Books I Read (log)
Books I've Read by Rose Ann
Cactus tri-fold by Breezy Tulip
Cat in the Hat Shape Book  by Breezy Tulip
Cat Octagon Book
China - Emperor Qin Trifold by Jimmie
China- Confucius Shutterflap by Jimmie
China- Great Wall 3/4 Book by Jimmie
China- Terracotta Soldier Trifold by Jimmie
China- Timeline Figures by Jimmie
Chinese Lantern Shape Book  by Breezy Tulip
Clocks Flap
Composer Matchbooks- Hadyn, Mozart, Beethoven
Composer Matchbooks- Mendelssohn, Handel, Schubert
Composer Matchbooks- Vivaldi, Bach
Composer Matchbooks- Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Brahms
Composer- Bach Shuttertied
Composer- Beethoven Shuttertied
Composer- Brahms Shuttertied
Composer- Childhood
Composer- Giuseppe Shuttertied
Composer- Mozart Shuttertied
Composer- Music Notes
Composer- Schubert Shuttertied
Composer- Wagner Shuttertied
Composer- We Listened To...
Corn Facts Oval Shape Book by Dori
Counting Cards and Pocket
Cow tri-fold
Cowboy Boot by Breezy Tulip
Cowboy Hat by Breezy Tulip
Dog Lapbook Templates (lots to choose from)
Dog Shape Book by Helen Royston
Dolphin tri-fold by Jimmie
Explorers- Pre-Columbian Discoverers by Celia
Famous People Trading Cards & Pocket
Fire truck tri-fold
Fish Bowl 3/4 Book
Fish tri-fold by Jimmie
Food Groups Accordion by Karin Taylor
Food Groups- Food Cards by Karin Taylor
Food Groups- Petal Book by Karin
Food Groups- Pockets by Karin Taylor
Fun Facts Hotdog Book
Grammarland- Adjective Endings
Grammarland- Adjective Pronouns
Grammarland- Objective/Nominative
Gulls' Feet Don't Freeze by Dori
Homophone and Homonym Matchbooks
Homophone Riddle Puzzles
House Shape Pattern
I Want to Know Simple Folds by Tina Franks
Ice Cream Shapes
Insect Cards Pocket
Instruments- Keyboard- Piano/Organ/Harpsichord Tri-folds
Instruments- Keyboard: Harpsichord/Organ Tri-folds
Instruments- Percussion- Cymbals, Triangle Tri-folds
Instruments- Percussion- Glockenspiel/Celesta/Tubular Bells Tri-folds
Instruments- Percussion:  Timpani/Bass Drum Tri-folds
Instruments- Percussion: Xylophone/Snare Drum Tri-folds
Instruments- String: Cello/Double Bass Tri-folds
Instruments- String: Harp Tri-fold
Instruments- String: Violin/Viola Tri-folds
Instruments- Woodwinds: Clarinet/Flute Tri-folds
Instruments- Woodwinds: Oboe/Piccolo Tri-folds
Instruments- Woodwinds: Saxophone/Bassoon Tri-folds
Instruments- Woodwinds: Trumpet/French Horn Tri-folds
Instruments- Woodwinds: Tuba/Trombone Tri-folds
Italian- My Italian Words Layer by Jodi Small
Kangaroo T-book by Natalie Sing
Key Shape
Kindness Fan
KWL Tri-fold by Tina Franks
Ladybug Observation Cards & Pocket
Library Card & Pocket
Lifecycle of a Flower Pocketbook
Lightbulb Trifold by Jimmie
Magnets Hexagon Accordion by Jimmie
Magnets Octagon Accordion by Jimmie
Magnets Pop-Up Book by Jimmie
Magnets Pull-tab Book by Jimmie
Map- World Map Medium (1 map)
Map- World Map Medium (2 maps to save paper)
Map- World Map Small  (1 map)
Map- World Map Small (2 maps to save paper)
Microscope Hotdog Book
Mini Office- Books of the Bible OT and NT by Jimmie
Mini Office- Months of the Year & Days of the Week by Jimmie
Mini Office- USA Coins Chart by Jimmie
My Story Hotdog Book by Rose Ann Kuhns
Hotdog Book Instructions
Native American- Blank Book
Native Americans- Community Life by Dori Oakes
Native Americans- Homes by Dori Oakes
Native Americans- Hunting Trip Story by Dori Oakes
Hotdog Book Instructions
Native Americans- Infant Care by Dori Oakes
Native Americans- Medicine Man (2 per page)
Native Americans- Moccasin tri-fold by Jimmie
Native Americans- Timeline by Dori Oakes
Newton's Three Laws of Motion Window Book by Jimmie
Notebooks (4 on a page)
Notebooks (6 on a page)
Ocean Theme- Book Log
Ocean- Compare Predators (Shark/Walrus) by Dori
Octopus Minis
Orphan Gorilla Hotdog Book by Dori
Paper and Pen (4 per page)
Parts of a Play Shutterflap
Pencil Shape Pattern
Plot Book
Potato Clock Chart by Karin
Pretzel Minit Books by Wende
Pumpkin Shape Book
Rabbit Bound Book
Rabbit Trifold
Rainforest Frogs Matchbooks (preschool - colors)
Robotics Timeline by Dori
Science Experiment Simple Fold
Scroll Shapes
Scroll Shapes 2
Spaceship tri-fold by Breezy Tulip
Spider Safety Rules by Tina Franks
Spider Silk Facts Tri-fold by Tina Franks
Spider Simple Facts by Tina Franks
Spider Vocabulary Flap by Tina Franks
Spiders vs. Insects by Tina Franks
St. Patrick's Day- Saint Patrick Trifold
St. Patrick's Day- Leprechauns Minit
Symbiosis by Celia Hartmann
Tree tri-fold by Breezy Tulip
Vocabulary Book (12 flaps)
Vocabulary File Folders
Vocabulary Trifold with File Folders (room for 9 words)
Vocabulary- New Words Pocket
Volcano tri-fold by Jimmie
WWI- German Aircraft Extra Images by Carriejoy Warren
WWI- German Aircraft Information for Mini-books by Carriejoy Warren
WWI- German Aircraft Mini-books by Carriejoy Warren

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