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Make fantastic winter memories with your kids while playing this interactive Roll a Snowman Dice Game.

Supplies Needed to Play the Roll a Snowman Dice Game

You will love the set up for this game–quick and easy!

Gather these supplies:

  • pencils
  • dice
  • colored pencils, crayons, or markers–to finish decorating the snowman after the game is over

Each player will also need a copy of the printable roll a snowman gameboard (found at the end of this post).

How to Play the Snowman Dice Game

This can be a single player game, but it’s more fun when others join in.

If you are a classroom teacher, you can put your students in groups or with partners to play the game.

Take turns rolling the dice and drawing. Each player will roll six times.

  • Roll One: Roll the dice and determine how many snowballs you’ll draw to create the snowman’s body.
  • Roll Two: This roll determines how many buttons your snowman will have.
  • Roll Three: Roll for a hat (six different hat shapes are included)
  • Roll Four: Roll the dice and draw your snowman’s nose.
  • Roll Five: This roll determines what kind of scarf the snowman will have.
  • Roll Six: Roll for an object to draw in your snowman’s arms.

After the kids complete their snowmen, encourage them to give the snowman a name. Your student can also color and decorate the snowman. Additionally, you could ask them to add a background scene (a backyard scene, a city scene, a forest scene with animals, or whatever their imaginations can create!).

This game doesn’t have a designated winner. It’s just a fun way to boost imagination, fine motor skills, and build relationships.

Get Your Free Printable Roll a Snowman Dice Game

Simply click on the link below to snag your printable snowman game.

<<< Roll a Snowman Dice Game >>>

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