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This lapbook includes printable activities based on the book My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett.

When Elmer Elevator tells a stray cat about his dream of being able to fly, he learns of a captive dragon on Wild Island. The dragon has been forced by the jungle residents to serve as their shuttle across a wide river — and anyone who rescues the dragon from its cruel captors might be entitled to a free ride.

Elmer needs no further encouragement to stow away aboard a ship to the island, where he matches wits with hungry tigers, an irate gorilla, cranky crocodiles, and other moody creatures.

My Father’s Dragon Lapbook Study

Chapter 1- My Father Meets the Cat
Lapbook Activity- Kindness Matchbook
Inside the book write about ways “my father” was kind to the cat or write ways you can show kindness to animals.

Lapbook Activity- Flying
Check the appropriate boxes and complete the last sentence.

Chapter 2 – My Father Runs Away
Lapbook Activity- Dragon Shape
Color the dragon according to the cat’s description. On the other dragon shape, write about the dragon’s plight on Wild Island.

Lapbook Activity- Knapsack
Create Elmer’s knapsack!

Chapter 3- My Father Finds the Island
Lapbook Activity – What’s in the Sack?
After you cut/fold the book, open it.  On the left side write what the sailors thought was in the sack. 

Lapbook Activity- Whale Accordion
Record whale facts in this book.

Chapter 4- My Father Finds the River
Lapbook Activity- Wild Boars: Finding Evidence
The wild boars knew that something wasn’t right.  How did they know?  Write about the evidence they found in this minit book.

Lapbook Activity- Island Flora and Fauna
Start keeping a list of all the animals (fauna) and plants (flora) that Elmer encounters while on Wild Island.

Lapbook Activity- Tortoise Facts
Record tortoise facts in the minit book.

Chapter 5- My Father Meets Some Tigers
Lapbook Activity- Tiger Facts Wheel
Lapbook Activity- Tiger Math

Chapter 6- My Father Meets a Rhinoceros
Lapbook Activity- Why was the rhino crying? 
Write why the rhino was crying on the back of the toothbrush.

Lapbook Activity- Rhino Facts
Record rhino facts in this minit book.

Chapter 7- My Father Meets a Lion
Lapbook Activity- Why was the Lion upset? 
Write why the Lion was upset in the minit book.

Lapbook Activity- Lion Facts
Record Lion facts on the pages provided.

Lapbook Activity- Message to the Cat
Have Elmer write a letter to the cat to let her know what’s happening. How will he get it to her? By putting it in a bottle and dropping it in the ocean!

Chapter 8- My Father Meets a Gorilla
Lapbook Activity- Gorilla’s Problem 
Write gorilla’s problem inside the minit book.

Lapbook Activity- I See Fleas!  
Have your student write some flea facts on the blank pages.

Chapter 9- My Father Makes a Bridge
Lapbook Activity- Crossing the River
Write how Elmer crossed the river on the strips (above the crocodiles). 

Lapbook Activity- Crocodile Facts
Write crocodile facts inside the shape book.

Lapbook Activity- What’s Lurking on the East Side of the Island? Pop-up book
The map says “my father doesn’t know what’s on this side of the island.” What do you think you would find there? Draw a picture of something you think you would find there (box is provided in file). On the lines write about the animals/plants found on this unexplored side of the island. 

Chapter 10- My Father Finds the Dragon
Lapbook Activity- Adventure with the Dragon
Write about Elmer and the Dragon’s first adventure together. Store your story in the pocket provided.

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How to Get Started with the My Father’s Dragon Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the My Father’s Dragon Lapbook.

  1. Buy a copy of the book, My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett, or grab one from your local library.
  2. Choose and print the lapbook printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of literature lapbooking with your student.

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