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In an old house in Paris

that was covered with vines

lived twelve little girls

in two straight lines

the smallest one was Madeline.

This beloved classic tells the tale of a girl who isn’t afraid of anything. She may be small, but she is mighty.

Grab the story and our Madeline Lapbook and plunge into a week of learning all about France, healthy habits, rhyming words, the human body, and more!

Thanks to Wende, Tamara, and Alison North for creating this printable activities for Madeline.

Madeline Lapbook Activities

The Madeline Lapbook includes these activities:

Rhyming Words

Part of the fun of this story is that it rhymes! Discuss rhyme with your student. Do you have other rhyming stories at your house? Find them and read them! Can you think of more words that rhyme with the rhyming words in the story?

Corresponding Mini-book: Rhyme Time Tab Book

Madeline Math

Use the page of girls as math manipulatives. Create simple addition and subtraction problems. Have them line up in two rows. How many will be in each row? What if they lined up in three rows? Four rows?

Corresponding Lapbook Item: Girls and Pocket (for storage)

Art Lesson: Monochromatic Illustrations

Look through the illustrations in this story. What stands out to your student? Some of the illustrations are monochromatic (only one color is used).

Print two copies of this free printable Eiffel Tower. Ask your student to color one however he wants (with a variety of colors), but to color the other choosing just one color (various shades of that one color can be used).

Make a mini-book and add it to your lapbook.

Geography: France

This story takes place in Paris, France. Use the photos provided to match to the illustrations in the book.

  • The Opera– lady feeding a horse
  • The Place Vendome– police chasing thief
  • The Hotel des Invalides– wounded soldier
  • Notre Dame– rainy day
  • Gardens at Luxembourg– sunny day
  • Church of the Sacre Coeur– girls skating
  • A man is feeding birds in the Tuileries Gardens facing the Louvre

Corresponding Mini-books: Tour de France Accordion, Where Is France? Shutterfold Book, Flag of France Simple Fold Book

Body Organs Coloring Page

Madeline has to be rushed to the hospital because of her appendix. Take the time to learn these body organs: heart, lungs, liver, stomach, large intestine, and small intestine. Color the diagram and add it to your lapbook.

Math: Telling Time

The girls have routines and habits. They go on a walk every day at 9:30, and they “break their bread, brush their teeth, and go to bed.” What does your typical day look like? Use the clocks to map out your day. Choose five morning (a.m.) activities and five afternoon/evening (p.m.) activities. Use your activities to complete the mini-book.

Corresponding Mini-book: My Schedule Flap Books

Math: Sequencing

“And the smallest was Madeline.” Let your young student use the mini-book provided to sequence the girls from smallest to largest.

Healthy Habits Chart

What healthy habits did Madeline and her friends have? (brushed their teeth, exercised each day, etc.). Discuss healthy habits with your student (eating plenty of fresh food, getting good sleep, etc.). Complete the Healthy Habits Chart.

Corresponding Mini-books: Clean Hands Flap Book, Exercise Pull-tab


This download also includes several copywork pages for your student. You can paste one to the back of your lapbook, if desired.

How to Get Started with Your Madeline Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Madeline Lapbook.

  1. Buy or borrow Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.
  2. Choose and prepare the printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of reading and learning with Madeline.

Get Your Free Madeline Lapbook

Simply click on the image below to access your free copy of the Madeline Lapbook and Printables.

Madeline Lapbook

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