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This comprehensive Cooking Lapbook includes all the lessons and printables you need to add this as an elective course for your homeschool.

Cooking Lapbook Lessons

You’ll find the following units in this Cooking Lapbook:

  • Introduction: Safety First
    Includes these lessons: Rules of the Kitchen, Food-borne Illnesses, and Dressing the Part
  • Unit 1: Around the Kitchen
    Includes these lessons: Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Tools, Cookware, and Bakeware
  • Unit 2: Why We Eat & The Food Pyramid
    Includes these lessons: Balanced Diet, and Food Pyramid
  • Unit 3: What’s the Plan?
    Includes these lessons: Cooking Vocabulary, Recipes, Planning a Menu, Shopping Trip, and Picking Produce
  • Unit 4: Let’s Get Cookin’!
    Includes these lessons: Beverages, Breakfast, Bread Baking, Appetizers and Snacks, Desserts, Lunch, Dinner, Setting the Table, and Garnishes
  • Unit 5: Sharing Your Cooking Talents
    Includes these lessons: Good Manners, Hospitality, and Helping Those in Need
  • Unit 6: Career Opportunities
    Includes these lessons: Food Service Industry, Food Handling Industry, and Food Education and Business

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Cooking Lapbook Printables

In addition to the lessons, this Cooking Lapbook study includes all the printables you need. We suggest you use a notebook since there are so many mini-books. You don’t have to use all of the printables–pick and choose what suits your student.

Examples of mini-books you’ll find in this Cooking Lapbook:

  • Kitchen Thermometers Flap Book
  • Knives and Their Uses Mini-book
  • Measuring Spoons Flap Book
  • Measuring Cups Flap Book
  • Liquid Measuring Flap Book
  • Place Setting Simple Fold Book
  • Food Poisoning Tab Book
  • Blender vs. Mixer Venn Diagram
  • Baking Tools Spatula Shape Book
  • Bake Ware Flap Book
  • Appliance Report Form & Pocket
  • Minding My Manners Fan Book
  • Cooking Careers Bound Book
  • Kitchen Shears Tri-fold
  • Nutrients Tab Book
  • And more!

Lapbook Example

This unit study has gobs and GOBS of mini-books. Instead of a traditional lapbook, consider using three-hole punched cardstock for the mini-books. Simply paste the mini-books to the cardstock and put the pages in a three-ring binder.

Here are a few sample pages:

How to Get Started with Your Cooking Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Cooking Lapbook.

  1. Print the Cooking Lapbook lessons.
  2. Choose the lessons you want to use with your student.
  3. Print the corresponding lapbook mini-books.
  4. Decide how long you want to use the unit and divide the lessons by weeks, so you will know how many lessons and mini-books to complete each week.
  5. Have fun! Our Cooking Lapbook is a delicious way to learn.

Download Your Free Lapbook

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