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Units at HSS


The Harmonica

Lapbook Component- Schubert Shuttertied


The Cello of Mr. O

Bach's Big Adventure

Sing to the Stars

Lapbook Component- Bach Shuttertied


Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Lapbook Component- Beethoven Shuttertied


Mozart Unit and Lapbook

Cricket in Times Square

Lapbook Component- Mozart Shuttertied


Berlioz the Bear


Cricket in Times Square


The Nutcracker


M is for Melody

Mini Books

Composer Matchbooks- Hadyn, Mozart, Beethoven
Composer Matchbooks- Mendelssohn, Handel, Schubert
Composer Matchbooks- Vivaldi, Bach
Composer Matchbooks- Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Brahms
Composer- Bach Shuttertied
Composer- Beethoven Shuttertied
Composer- Brahms Shuttertied
Composer- Childhood
Composer- Giuseppe Shuttertied
Composer- Mozart Shuttertied
Composer- Music Notes
Composer- Schubert Shuttertied
Composer- Wagner Shuttertied
Composer- We Listened To...

Book List:


Sebastian: A Book about Bach by Jeanette Winter

Mr. Bach Comes to Call CD by Karen Lavut

Mozart Finds a Melody by Stephen Costanza

Wolferl: the first six years in the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1762 by Lisl Weil

Introducing Mozart by Roland Vernon

Masters of Music: Mozart and Classical Music by Grancesco Salvi

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Ernest A. Ekker

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Mike Venezia

Amadeus Mozart by Ibi Lepscky

Bach, Beethoven and the Boys by David W. Barber

Composer’s World: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Wendy Thompson

Famous Children: Mozart by Ann Rachlin

Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (And What the Neighbors Thought) by Kathleen Krull

Mozart by Diane Cook

Mozart by P.M. Boekhoff and Stuart Kallen

Mozart: the boy who changed the world with his music by Marcus Weeks

Mozart, the Wonder Child: A Puppet Play in three acts by Diane Stanley

Mozart Tonight by Julie Downing

Musical Genius: a Story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Barbara Allman

Play, Mozart, Play! by Peter Sis

The Life and Times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by John Bankston

The Magic of Mozart: Mozart, the magic flute, and the Salzburg Marionettes by Ellen Switzer

The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine

The World’s Great Classical Composers by Fandex Family Field Guides

Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Wolfgang Amadeus Moazrt by John Malam

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Eric Michael Summerer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Richard Tames

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Musical Genius by Carol Greene

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Musician by Carol Green

Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? by Yona McDonough