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From the oom-pah-pah of the brass section to the tickle and tease of the keyboard ivories, M Is for Melody gives music lessons for instruments, composers, terms, and even musical styles.

Grab this M Is for Melody music lapbook and add some music to your homeschool days.

Note: This music lapbook study is HUGE. You could easily use it for an entire semester or an entire year!

Thanks to Luanne Angelo for creating this music lapbook for Homeschool Share.

M Is For Melody Music Lapbook Printables

You will need the book M Is for Melody in order to complete this music lapbook. The file includes the following printable mini-books:

  • National Anthem Mini-book
  • National Anthem Notebook Pages
  • National Anthem Copywork
  • All About the National Anthem Notebook Page
  • Instrument Family Matching Game
  • Brass Uncurled Flap Book
  • Three Ways to Make Music on Stringed Instruments
  • Design Your Own Instrument Notebook Page
  • Instrument Families Layer Book
  • Guitar Shape Book
  • Kitchen Band Simple Fold Book
  • All About Keyboards Tab Book
  • Be a Conductor Mini-book
  • Be a Conductor of an Orchestra Notebook Page
  • A Composer Is . . . Simple Fold
  • The Three B’s: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms
  • Wanted: Notebook Page
  • Help Wanted Notebook Page
  • What Are Dynamics? Shape Book
  • Dynamite Dynamics Accordion
  • Loud and Soft Mini-book
  • Tempo Marks Scroll
  • Tempo Speed Zone T-book
  • Name the Piano Keys
  • Name the Notes on the Staff
  • Notes and Their Names Notebook Page
  • Note Value Family Tree Notebook Page
  • Music Math Notebook Page
  • It’s All Accidental
  • Fundamentals of Music Layer Book
  • Fundamentals of Music Notebook Page
  • Harmony and Melody Circle Shape Books
  • Melody and Harmony Notebook Page
  • Climb the Solfege Ladder
  • Time Signature Hot Dog Book
  • Music Time Line
  • Folk Music Tri-fold Flap Book
  • Write Your Own Folk Music Notebook Page
  • Illustrate a Folk Song Activity
  • A Song Is . . .
  • Jazz Mini-book
  • Jazz Notebook Page
  • Let’s Scat, Cool Cat
  • Lullaby Mini-book
  • Cowboy Music Notebook Pages
  • Sea Chanteys Notebook Page
  • Spirituals and Slavery
  • Encore Simple Fold
  • Drum Major Mini-book
  • Band vs. Orchestra Venn Diagram
  • Organizing Our Voices/Instruments Tab Book
  • What Is a Virtuoso?
  • Use Your Voice Shutterflap Book
  • A Capella Mini-book
  • The Juke Box
  • Make a Music Acrostic Poem
  • Music Maps and Music Listening Pages

How to Get Started with Your M Is For Melody Music Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the M Is for Melody Lapbook.

  1. Buy M Is for Melody or borrow it from your local library. You may want to check out other books on instruments and composers, too.
  2. Print the M Is for Melody Lapbook.
  3. Choose and prepare the mini-books you want to use with your student.
  4. Enjoy learning all about music!

Download Your M Is for Melody Music Lapbook

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