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Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect—until her first day of school. “You’re named after a flower!” teases Victoria. “Let’s smell her,” says Jo. Chrysanthemum wilts.

What will it take to make her blossom again?

This lapbook includes printable activities based on the book, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.

The story is fantastic for discussing teasing, kindness, and acceptance. It’s also a great springboard into an “All About Me” theme. Grab our Chrysanthemum lapbook and start learning with this sweet story.

Chrysanthemum Lapbook Printables

This Chrysanthemum lapbook file includes a variety of activities and mini-books:

1. My Name
This book is all about a name! Discuss why names are important. Also discuss your student’s name and why you chose that name for him or her. What does it mean? Record answers in the accordion envelope book.

2. Name Acrostic Poem
Help your student construct a name poem. Simply list the letters of his name and then decide on a word that describes him. Write the describing word next to the letter in the name.

Example for Simon-

3. New Words
This book is so full of rich vocabulary words! Choose seven and write the words and definitions on the flower shapes. Review words frequently throughout the unit. Be sure and discuss how Henkes uses flower words for Chrysanthemum (she wilted, she bloomed, etc.).

4. Kindness
As you read the story, discuss kindness and why it is important to be kind to others. Think of kind words your student can speak to family members and friends. Record the words and phrases on the fan pieces.

5. Teasing
Discuss teasing with your student and the examples from the story. Use the mini-book to guide more discussion.

6. Name Graph
How many letters are in Chrysanthemum’s name? How many letters are in your student’s name? Have fun counting the letters in family members’ names and adding the results to the graph. Who has the longest name?

8. Flower Art
Follow the instructions in the file and create a pretty flower to add to the front or back of your lapbook.

9. Everybody Has a Name Poem
Add your student’s name and have fun saying this rhyme together.

10. Why I Like My Name
Record why your student likes her name inside the heart-shaped mini-book.

11. Bible Memory Pockets
Chrysanthemum has seven pockets. This file has seven pockets, too. There are Bible memory cards to go in the pockets for your older student. Your younger student could just put pictures of her favorite things in the pockets.

12. Mouse Facts
Since the main character in this story is a mouse, take some time to learn a bit more about mice! You can cut and paste the facts included or you can type up (write on) your own facts.

13. How Many Words
How many words can your student find in Chrysanthemum’s name? Write the words your student finds inside the mini-book.

14. Alphabetical Flower Names
Put the names of the flowers in ABC order.

15. Library Card
Fill out the card each time you read the story. Store it in the pocket provided.

How to Get Started with the Chrysanthemum Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Chrysanthemum lapbook:

  1. Buy a copy of the book, Chrysanthemum, or grab one from your local library.
  2. Choose and print the lapbook printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of Chrysanthemum with your student.

Download Your Free Chrysanthemum Lapbook

Simply click on the image below to grab the free Chrysanthemum lapbook.

Chrysanthemum Lapbook