2016 Summer Olympics Unit Study & Lapbook

Free Lapbook for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

The Summer 2016 Olympics are coming, and now is the perfect time to start planning your Olympics unit study!

The official dates for the games are August 5th-August 21st, providing a fun way for you to start your school year.

Stop by Homeschool Share and  pick up some free lapbook printables for the Olympic games.

Olympic Unit Study & Lapbook

This lapbook includes:

  • Geography: Mapping the route of the Olympic torch; Flags;
  • Math: Graphing medals;
  • History: Traditions & Symbols of the Olympic games; Olympic Timeline; Ancient Olympic History; Modern Olympics
  • Science: Health & Nutrition;
  • Language Arts: Write an athlete’s biography; other writing exercises
  • Art: Design an Olympic Logo

Summer Olympics Bonus Lapbook Materials

We also offer a few lapbook items specific to the Summer Olympics. These include:

  • Tracking the weather in Rio
  • Matchbooks with descriptions of events for the Summer Olympics
  • Shape books to record track events as well as water events

Brazil Lapbook

Since the 2016 Olympics are being held in Rio, you may want include a study of Brazil within your Olympics unit study. This lapbook provides a simple overview for Brazil with mini-books on the following topics: time zone, population, culture, sports, religion, animals, landmarks, the flag of Brazil, and simple phrases in Portuguese.

In addition to the lapbooks above, you can find more fun ideas on our Olympics Pinterest Board.

Happy Homeschooling!

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