12 thoughts on “And Then What? Part 5 of 5 in Homeschool Share’s Lapbooking Series”

  1. I use a recycled/upcycled dishrack to store my lapbooks, you can see pictures all over pintrest with similar ideas. I find that it is perfect to store the ones we have done at the back and ones we are working on at the front. Great ideas thanks Cathy

  2. The Cheap Chick link isn’t working? I use the duck tape method to store mine but have found I have to use 2 pieces instead of folding it over.


  3. Hello! I am new to Homeschooling as of this school year. I have 4 kids of my own grades 5,3,1,and Pre-K and I have an extra child 2 days a week that I is in 1st grade as well. I love the idea of lapbooks and think they make learning so much more fun and interactive! The only issue that I am having is that I am not sure where to find the books that teach the lessons… If there even are specific books for that. I am looking to do the My Body Lapbook by Robin Diedrichs and have already printed the entire thing out for all my kids, but now I need to know where to find the lessons. Thank you so much for your help on this matter. I really appreciate it!!

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