7 thoughts on “Design Your Own! Part 4 of 5 in Homeschool Share’s Lapbooking Series”

  1. Thank you so much for the detailed steps. I love this book and will try to do my own lapbook with all the help you have provided. Bless you!

  2. Thak you for sharing this, I love lapbooks, and thought why not try to make one or two? Very nice guide, now I1ll head over to subscribe!

  3. This is the first set of detailed instructions I have ever found on making lapbooks. This is our first year of homeschooling (DS is 10 and doing 5th grade), and there are so many lapbooks that fit the curriculum we’re using (Sonlight). But I like having the resources that allow me to add my own elements, or even create a whole lapbook. Thank you so much!

  4. I’m still confused on how to create a tab book in Word. Any help or site you can refer me to would be great. I want to make my own template, but finding a tutorial has been fruitless. This site is the closest I have come to dimensions and how-to. Thank you!

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