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It’s time to get your crayons and your pencils moving with this set of winter number tracing worksheets.

Benefits of the Number Tracing Pages

The number tracing pages are a great way to introduce or review numbers 1-10.

Your student will see how the number is spelled. Your student will have the opportunity to practice writing the number and the number word. Your student can also count snowflakes.

What Activities Are Included on the Winter Number Tracing Worksheets?

Each number tracing worksheet includes a variety of fine motor activities for your student.

  • Coloring the Number Word
  • Coloring the Number
  • Tracing the Numbers
  • Coloring the Snowman’s Snowflakes
  • Coloring the Correct Number of Snowflakes in the Ten Frame
  • Tracing the Number Words

Additionally, your student could color the snowflake at the top of the page as well as the snowman.

How to Use the Winter Number Tracing Worksheets

These number tracing pages are easy to use; no prep is required!

  1. Print the pages.
  2. Give your student crayons, markers, and a pencil. If your student doesn’t have a proper pincher grip, consider breaking the crayon. This will insure proper grip and help your student’s fine motor development.
  3. Show your student how to complete the activities on the page.
  4. We recommend using one tracing page per week as you introduce numbers. If you are reviewing numbers, you could use one per day.

Grab Your Free Winter Number Tracing Worksheets

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