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What is thankfulness? Thankfulness is feeling or expressing gratitude.

Grab our Thankfulness Lapbook and start learning about this important character quality.

Thankfulness Lapbook Mini-books

These mini-books are included in the free Thankfulness Lapbook.

1. Thankfulness Definition File Folder
Use this file folder to record a definition of the word.

2. Showing Thankfulness Fan
How do we show our thankfulness? (We say “thank you.” We pray and tell God “thank you.” We write thank you notes. We can give a hug. We take care of the things people get for us. Talk to your student about the ways he or she can show thankfulness. Record them on the pages of this fan book.

3. I Am Thankful Layer Book
What are you thankful for? Record your answers on the pages of this book.

4. A Thankful Man: The Leper (Matchbook)
Learn more about the leper who thanked Jesus and write about it in the book.

5. Word Search
Discuss the words and how they relate to being thankful. Find the words in the Thankfulness Word Search.

6. Bible Verse Cards
Read through the Bible verses together and discuss how they relate to thankfulness. Print the cards and store in the pocket. If desired, use the cards for copywork.

Thankfulness Book List

Learn more about thankfulness with these picture books. Read and discuss how the characters displayed (or did not display) the character quality of thankfulness (and contentment!).

How to Get Started with Your Thankfulness Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Thankfulness Lapbook.

  1. Print Thankfulness Lapbook.
  2. Choose and prepare the lapbook mini-books you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of learning and practicing thankfulness.

Get Your Free Thankfulness Lapbook

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