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Free Stuart Little Lapbook

Stuart Little Story Study Lapbook
Created by Louise Fadina and Ami

Lapbook Templates

Vocabulary Cards & Pocket
Heading North
Meeting Stuart & Exercise
Evening on the River & Helping Out
Automobile & Margalo's Escape
Sail Boat Race & Helping Margalo
Mystery of the Hat and Cane
Important Things & The Letter
Inside the Fridge
Washing Up & Narrow Escape
On a Journey  

Homeschool Share also offers this complete Stuart Little Unit Study


Chapter 1: In the Drain
Describe Stuart Little.
Minit Book: Meet Stuart!

Chapter 2: Home Problems
Describe ways Stuart helped around the house.
Minit Book: Helping Out

Chapter 3: Washing Up
Describe Stuart’s morning routine. What things have the Little’s done to make life easier for Stuart?
Minit book: Washing Up!

Chapter 4: Exercise
Stuart ended up in the window shade – how did he get there?
Minit book: “As for exercise, I take all I can get”

Chapter 5: Rescued
At the end of chapter 5 Stuart said that everyone would have to draw there own conclusions as to how the hat and cane got in front of the mouse hole. Pick one of the characters, Mr. Little, Mrs. Little, George, Stuart, or Snowbell, and write a short conclusion from their point of view as to how the hat and cane may have got there. Remember, only Snowbell knows the truth!
Minit book: The Mystery of the Hat and Cane

Chapter 6: A Fair Breeze
Stuart went on a journey. Describe what happened, where he went and whom he met.
Minit book: On a Journey

Chapter 7: The Sailboat Race
Describe the boat race.
Minit book: The Sailboat Race

Chapter 8: Margalo
Stuart got stuck inside the fridge – draw a picture of what he saw.
How did the Little family take care of Margalo?  Record information in the bird shape book.
Minit books: Inside the Fridge & Margalo Bird Shape

Chapter 9: A Narrow Escape
How did Stuart end up in the middle of the ocean? Describe his rescue.
Minit book: A Narrow Escape

Chapter 10: Springtime
What was Snowbell’s plan? How did Margalo escape?
Minit book: Margalo’s Escape

Chapter 11: The Automobile
Dr Carey told Stuart, “never push a button on an automobile unless you are sure of what you are doing."
Why was this good advice? What happened when Stuart pressed the button?
Minit book: The Automobile

Chapter 12: The Schoolroom
What was Stuart like as a school teacher? What are the ‘important things in life’ according the Stuart?
Minit book:
Important Things

Chapter 13: Ames’ Crossing
What did Stuart write in his letter to Harriet?
Minit book: The Letter

Chapter 14: An Evening on the River
How did Stuart prepare for meeting Harriet? What happened to the canoe and how did Stuart react? What would have been a better way to react?
Minit book: Evening on the River

Chapter 15: Heading North
Stuart Little is still looking for Margalo. What do you think happens next? Where does he go? Does he find his friend? Write what you think happens next to Stuart.
Minit book: Heading North

Additional Minit Book: