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Launch your student into learning with this hands-on match activity: Space Counting Clip Cards.

What’s Included in the Space Counting Clip Cards Set?

This count and clip card set includes 16 printable cards:

  • Four of the cards ask the student to compare, “Which one has less?”
  • Four of the cards ask the student to compare, “Which one has more?”
  • Eight of the cards ask the student to count to a specific number.

The cards include answers on the back. This allows students to check their own answers and receive immediate feedback.

How to Use the Space Count and Clip Cards

This set of counting clip cards is easy to use.

  1. Cut out the cards. Fold on the dotted line to hide the answer (on the back of the card). If desired, glue the strip down.
  2. After you assemble the cards, laminate for durability.
  3. Show student how to use the clip cards by determining more, less, or the right quantity. Student should place a clip on the card with her answer.
  4. Student can turn over the card to check her own work. If she didn’t get it right on the first try, encourage her to count again.

Extend the Learning with More Math Concepts

Once your student masters the Moon Rock Count and Clip Cards, try some of these additional ideas:

  • When comparing which astronaut has less, ask your student, “How many less rocks are there?”
  • When comparing which astronaut has more, ask your student, “How many more moon rocks are there?
  • Ask your student to count all of the moon rocks on the card. “How many rocks are there altogether?”

Download the Free Space Counting Clip Cards

Simply click on the image below to snag your free set of printable count and clip cards.

Moon Rock Counting Clip Cards

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