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Free Short & Long Vowels Phonics Lapbook
Short and Long Vowels Lapbook
created by Jodi Small


Cover Page O Cards Writing Strips
A Cards U Cards Decorate Your Lapbook
E Cards Pockets for Cards  
I Cards Two Vowel Rule Flap Books  



Cut out and glue the 10 pockets into a lapbook.  (Hint: You may want to place the cards in the pocket before folding the flaps back to ensure the pocket will be big enough for the cards.)


Print the 60 cards on cardstock or heavy paper. 


Option 1: Leave them unfolded as one large bookmark.

 - Have child read the word and match the card to the correct pocket.


Option 2: Fold and tape/glue them shut

 - Have child look at the picture and match the sound they hear with the correct pocket

 - Have child read the word (opposite side) and match the sound they hear with the correct pocket.

 - Use the cards only as flashcards.  Child can read the word and check their answer with the



Option 3: Cut cards apart separating the words from their pictures.

 - Have child place cards into their correct pockets.

 - Play a matching game with some or all the cards.  Matching the picture with the word scores you

    that set.

 - Have child draw a specified number of cards and make up a story using those words.


You can use the writing strips to practice writing words (with short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds).   Cut out strips and laminate (or use clear contact paper on the top);  this will allow your student to write and wipe off (be sure to use a dry erase marker).  Glue strips to the sides of your lapbook. 

You can also use the two vowel rule flap books to paste on the sides of your lapbook for extra reading practice. 

Use decorations as desired.